One of my favorite features in iOS is AirPlay. I recently purchased an Apple TV2, and immediately saw the benefits. With AirPlay, you are able to stream content off of your iDevice, directly to your HiDef TV. This content can be photos and videos you’ve downloaded from iTunes, and even YouTube videos.

With Apple’s latest iOS software update, 4.3, your AirPlay options just multiplied, exponentially. You are now able to take advantage of 3rd party apps and websites that are AirPlay compatible. Since the popularity of this feature has really been on the rise, I figured it was time for a quick tutorial to show you how easy it really is to use AirPlay with your iPhone

Step 1: Make sure you have all the necessary equipment. You need wireless internet, an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and an Apple TV (black). Make sure the iDevice has active wireless (won’t work via 3G), and that your Apple TV is on and connected wirelessly.

Step 2: For all intents and purposes we will use YouTube as the example because everyone should have it. Open up YouTube to your favorite video. If you’re looking for suggestions this one is Songify – Charlie Sheen (hilarious!).

Step 3: Now if you did step 1 correctly, you should see this AirPlay icon in the controls menu that I circled in blue. Select it.

Step 4: Your Apple TV should show up as a playback option. Once selected, not only video but audio will be streamed directly through your TV. Depending on your connection speed, the video loads fairly quickly and plays smoothly.

Is it really that easy Cody? Yes, it is, my friends.

Has anyone used AirPlay before? Better yet, has anyone voided their jailbreak and played with AirPlay on 4.3? Tell us about it below!

  • this is a little bit funny because the apple tv has its own youtube app 😉

    • Sure but it’s not only for YouTube. It’s also for music, photos, etc…

  • Shane

    The only way I see this being REALLY popular is if all aps support this. Then you could play games, type notes, text msgs and emails, check out maps, check FB and twitter ect., ect. Possibilities are endless with all the cool aps out there BUT like mentioned above if you have a Atv2 then you can already get your iTunes, pictures and YouTube without airplay.

  • Mike DeMaio

    It works great but I still haven’t found any 3rd party apps that work. Hope slingbox updates but I’m not holding my breath.

    • try a web radio app or soundcloud or something like that. these apps still worked for me before 4.3 with jailbreak tweak AllPlay

  • heyyouguys

    Air video now works with latest app update and the software for server update!

  • mahaur

    would love to see a tweak to see it work on a normal hdtv via a pc. I don’t have a apple tv and don’t plan to buy one. Is there a way to stream content via wifi to a pc and watch it on the hdtv hooked up to it?

    • mikeg

      @mahaur – i’m not sure what constitutes a PC to you, but in my book linux distros fit the bill, and so i wanted to answer your question, as i too do not wish to purchase an Apple TV. First things first. relevant links

      Destructions (from your shell)
      1. Get to a comfortable working directory. I’m going to use ~/Apps for this demo.
      $: git clone
      >> This will create a directory called totem-airplay-plugin.

      2. Create a symlink to this new directory to tell Totem a new plugin exists
      $: ln -s ~/.local/share/totem/plugins/airplay ./totem-airplay-plugin

      That is that. Hope this helps you.

    • Roshan

      @mahuar if ur HD TV Has network connectivity use Twonky server in iPhone and stream contents from iPhone to TV

  • mahaur

    would love to see a tweak to see it work on a normal hdtv via a pc on wifi. I don’t have a apple tv and don’t plan to buy one.

  • Ted

    Totem AirPlay was working awesome with my iPhone until I upgraded to iOS 4.3, now it just says ‘video won’t play’ Anyone else have this problem?

  • Alberto Corado Jr.

    I’ve had the same problem once I updated to 4.3. Is there an update in the works?

  • Rayanne

    I like AirPlay, I’m able to use TuneIn radio with it and listen to my fav radio station from back home. I’m in Japan so radio is pretty limited. I pretty much have to use TuneIn, Internet radio or buy music

  • newman

    any idea how to get Airplay to work with a 3rd party device like a Denon AV receiver?
    i don’t have Apple TV but my Denon is airplay compatible. i’ve managed to get my iTunes to stream to my Denon but the Airplay icon still won’t show up ono my iPhone and iPad2. i’ve updated the operating system so that can’t be the problem. and my iPad is wifi only and i know for certain that it’s connected to the same wifi network.
    anyone else experience a similar problem?

  • waka waka

    Hi .How do i use AirPlay? when i play a movie on my iPod i can’t find a option to start using AirPlay. Can’t i use it with only my iTunes om my pc and do i need to buy more hardware? Or am i just missing an option.