Verizon has been stealing attention away from the iPhone’s original carrier, and it looks like AT&T is doing all it can to keep disgruntled customers from jumping ship.

500,000+ Verizon iPhones have already been pre-ordered, and the device just became available for purchase on Apple’s site.

Needless to say, AT&T is definitely feeling the heat from its new competition, and it’s doing everything it can to ensure that customers don’t cross over to the dark side…

First, AT&T started secretly offering unlimited data plans (that were supposedly discontinued) as on option for customers. Then the company offered an extra 2GB of tethering data for free. Now it appears that AT&T is making its “Mobile to Mobile” calling feature universal.

MacRumors reports,

“In what could be viewed as yet another bid by AT&T to keep customers from defecting to the Verizon iPhone, the carrier today announced that it will launch tomorrow a new “Mobile to Any Mobile” feature allowing unlimited calling from AT&T phones to other mobile phones in the U.S., regardless of carrier.

The feature, which rolls out tomorrow, requires customers to be on a qualifying voice plan and to have an unlimited messaging plan, which costs $20 per month.”

You can enable this new perk on your AT&T plan by visiting tomorrow. Remember, you won’t be eligible for “Mobile to Any Mobile” if you don’t have an unlimited messaging plan.

While it’s nice of AT&T to offer these deals to customers, it probably won’t make that big of a change to the people who have waited for their contract to expire so they can switch to Verizon.

However, if you are an AT&T customer, be sure to take advantage of this offering and get free voice between any two mobile numbers.

Does this news from AT&T seem like a plea of desperation? Perhaps they just want to give us the assurance that our dropped calls will be free now.

[via MacRumors]

  • Pam

    Why not just get their unlimited plan? This seems kind of stupid. You have a choice of unlimited, or their A-list already. I’m surely not paying another $20 for something I already have.

  • josh

    Are you guys copying gizmodo? Because you always seem to post an article of the same thing of lesser quality soon after them.

    • Justin

      I don’t think it’s a big deal if it’s on more than one site. I’m willing to bet that the recent storm that dumped all the snow across the country was covered by at least four networks in the town you live in. It’s news. Having it on more than one stations keeps people from having to check all the stations. I only watch iDB, so I’m glad they reported on it. Just think of it as news and everything will be ok. Any idea how many stations were reporting about Egypt today?
      iDB writers, please keep reporting like you are so I don’t miss anything.
      Thank you.

  • Manuel

    ” Perhaps they just want to give us the assurance that our dropped calls will be free now.”

    I died laughing when i resd that lol.

  • Jeromy

    Pam, obviously you’re the one who’s stupid. If you already have an unlimited texting plan (which pretty much every one under 80 does) why not take advantage of free Mobile-to-any-Mobile minutes? You’re paying more for your unlimited plan than those of us without it.

    So basically do you want to spend the extra money on unlimited minutes or unlimited text and get the free offer?

    • Pam

      I had a nice reply typed out, but the more I thought about it, the more I figured that if you had to start off the first sentence by calling me stupid, you wouldn’t understand the reply anyway.

      • soccerkrzy

        Don’t forget the fact he was too stupid to reply to your actual post and he spells his name “Jeromy”.

        His response doesn’t even make sense to begin with.

  • Jeromy

    Hey, Josh. Do you see at the bottom where it says via MacRumors?

    Yeah, that.

    • soccerkrzy

      Hey Joromy, you see the bottom of a post where it says “Reply”?

      Yeah, that.

  • Ucyber

    Hii, is att offering again unlimited data plan?

  • Doug

    Well I have a share plan w 5 people. 1400 minutes unlimited nights weekends att mobile to mobile and 10 A list. Have a plethora of rollover minutes but will look into this if it’s free.

    FYI this plan breaks down to exacty 30 per person + any extras you have which for me is just $25 for 2gb iPhone data

  • iKing

    ATT can run the town with unlimited data cause no one really talks on the phone now. So this to me makes no sense to me in their effort to keep customers.

  • T-Mizzle

    What would really be cool is all iPhones become free— as in iPhone to iPhone, no matter what carrier!

  • CPollick85

    Free voips all over the place. Check out google voice. It’s a one stop shop. Free to mobile and landlines with lots of perks. iPhone users try whistle phone. It too is free with wifi.

  • Ogee8403

    I just called AT&T to see if I can get the unlimited data and the rep seemed as if he didn’t care. All he said was I’m sorry if we have to lose you as a customer. thanks for your business with AT&T