Guess What’s Available for Order Today? (Hint: It Rhymes With Horizon MyPhone)

Up until now, those wishing to hop on Big Red’s iPhone 4 train had to be existing customers. Back on February 3rd, those customers were able pre-order during an event that supposedly resulted in record sales figures.

While we’re still a bit skeptical about the numbers, there’s no doubt that the prospect of having the iPhone on an alternative carrier in the States is an idea that the masses relish.

Feeling left out? Fret not, because the Verizon iPhone 4 is now available for purchase, even if you aren’t an existing Verizon customer…

Yes, even us non-special people can get our hands on a Verizon iPhone 4 starting today. If you head over to Verizon’s website, unsurprisingly that’s the first thing you’ll see.

Now it’ll be interesting to sit back and watch how many iPhone users ditch their service with AT&T in favor of a network with a better reputation.

I’m starting to get the feeling that people are realizing that the pastures might not be as green as they once thought.

The whole idea of not being able to use data and voice at the same time is something that AT&T has been honed in on, and I think they are doing a good job of letting people know about the Verizon iPhone’s shortcomings.

For those of you who are satisfied with their current digs, those of you in other countries, or for those of you that just don’t care, why not grab a box of popcorn and watch the hilarity ensure?

After all, with these two involved, something downright funny is bound to happen one way or another.

What will you be doing?