Have you ever wanted to know the file size of an App Store app update? Me neither, but apparently, some people do.

Introducing the methodically named AppStore Update Size, a jailbreak tweak for all of you app weight watchers out there.

Because I’m waiting for the eventual release  of the untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak, my iPhone still resides on iOS 4.1. Unfortunately this tweak is only for iOS 4.2 and up, so I can’t test it for myself, but it looks straight forward enough.

Before this tweak saw the light of day, it never dawned on me that Apple doesn’t like to publish the sizes of its App Store updates. This will be handy for those of you using a device of a lesser storage capacity, like the 8GB iPhone 3GS; understandably, space is hard to come by on those devices.

AppStore Update Size is free, and available on Cydia for jailbroken iPhones. Do you think it’s silly to need a tweak for something like this? Should Apple start publishing their App Store update sizes?

  • Tony

    Ive always wanted apple to show the update size and wondered why they never did. Not bc I’m low on space, but usually so I know if I have to be on wifi or not to update. (since there is a limit of 20megs to d/l anything over 3G)

    • soccerkrzy

      You sure it’s 20MB? I thought it was always 10MB. I’ve been on My3G for so long I don’t remember, maybe they changed it.

  • soccerkrzy

    Why they limited it to 4.2+ is beyond me. My phone is sitting on 4.0.1 and no way in hell I’m updating to 4.2.1 right now.

    My guess is it’s a simple check OS limitation and the tweak would work on any iOS 4+ device. If that’s the case, it’s stupid programming; however, if the tweak really only works in 4.2+ then I apologize to the developers.

    • appletiser

      4.2 is a ‘required dependency’ and i agree, I’m on 4.0.1 too and find it absurdly infuriating that more and more tweaks are incompatible with our iOS version. im happy staying put so whats with pressure from devs to upgrade??

    • Will Homer

      Hi, I’m the developer of this tweak. I wasn’t aware that it didn’t work with < 4.2 before I released so when I received complaints stating that the tweak was crashing on 4.1 I asked BigBoss to update the description. The reason I didn't know or haven't fixed this to work on 4.1 is because I don't have a 4.1 device to test on otherwise I would have tested and probably fixed it before I released it.

  • brent

    Of course people want to know the file sizes. That way you know if you can download it over 3G or have to wait until you’re wifi connected. Plus people with a limited data plan might not want to use up 3G data to download a 20mb app but they would for a 1mb app. How are they supposed to know? I’ve wondered since the beginning why they don’t show file sizes.

    • wallygator

      Here’ s another reason for you…Some of us iphone users live in rural areas and are forced to use satelite internet where DSL and cable internet are not available. Due to fair access policies by satelite internet companies trying to keep speeds up on a limited bandwith to their very expensive satelites, they have limited the number of downloads and uploads we can make in a day and/or month. Before I download something I have to check the size of the file just like I check the price of a new pair of shoes before I buy them and then make sure my checking account, dowload limitations account, has enough money, megabytes, in it to buy, download..

  • appletiser

    not sure if it’s me not noticing before or what but didn’t the last Installous update add a file size counter to the download page? it may’ve been there all along but i hadn’t spotted it until recently 🙂

  • Polemicist

    I want to know this so I can decide on an iTunes download or a direct to phone download. Thanks for the info. 😀

  • KFM

    Am I the only one who’s never gotten this to work?

  • KFM

    Am I the only one who’s never gotten this to work? It hasn’t shown anything since the day I first downloaded it.