As soon as the Mac version of GreenPois0n came out, I went ahead and jailbroke my device.  It wasn’t the same eye-candy that JailbreakMe was, or even Comex’s first jailbreak, but it worked and I didn’t have to wait long.  Here’s a few quick things that I immediately noticed.

LockScreen PIN Delay

After a fresh reboot or a respring, I can no longer dive right in to tap the PIN to access my device.  The problem is either a delay or the first tap or two is not recognized.  But it definitely slows me down a little bit…

RemoveBG is not 4.1 compatible yet

Too bad, since it’s wonderful to be able to batch clear the ever-cluttered task switcher.  Cydia let me install it, but my first use immediately caused my first Mobile Substrate crash.  Naturally, that was the first app I uninstalled.

Cydia doesn’t take as long to refresh or update

Not bad.  But I am now using an A4 device, so I’m unsure if it’s the processing power or the jailbreak.

My device is a little slower, and freezes occasionally.

Some apps don’t quit right away when I tap the home button.  Some native apps don’t work until I respring.  The mail app crashed a few times until I used SBSettings to fix user permissions. The Notified StatusBar notification plugin left artifacts on my screen, and some apps are stuck with whitespace where the status bar should be.  Not every dev is 4.1 ready, but that’s understandable.

Action Menu is still awesome.  SBSettings is still useful.  Wi-Fi Sync didn’t work at all for me.

Anyone else experience the same issues?

  • Well, RemoveBG has been updated for 4.1 minutes ago.

    • I just noticed it, and downloaded it. Works like a charm, no more crashing.

    • six4seven

      What’s the difference between RemoveBG and QuiteAllApps?

    • Whammy!

      Switcher Plus dominates RemoveBG.

    • Taimur

      i have known of those issues which u mentioned and wifisync working perfect as well which version of wifisync you using 🙂

    • Danny

      Have they came up with a a jailbreak for non mc second generation version 4.02

  • A.J.

    I tried newly “updated” RemoveBG and it still crashed my iPhone.

  • Kingz

    I just hate the fact that none of the iacces themes work. Uhh im gona miss those cool looking keyboard themes.

  • JimmyThunder

    Does SBSettings kill your battery?

    • Z


  • Tony Earl

    Well i had endless troubles. cydia crashed and would not open, then i lost signal!!!!!! after all this my phone got stuck in the “ifinite loop” and would not restore with apple ipsw, i had to use irecovery and terminal to fix it and now i cant jailbreak for some reason.

  • @JimmyThunder My battery life seems pretty normal for a jailbreak. A little less than non-jb, but SBSettings doesn’t seem to be doing any real battery draining for me.

    @Tony Earl I had that happen to me once. I’d do a fresh restore to 4.1 (after uninstalling Wi-Fi Sync’s desktop client) and then jailbreak with redsn0w, since it’s out. Grab the ipsw from the downloads section of the blog. I’m sure Apple has some tricks up their sleeves.

    • JimmyThunder

      Hey Nick, thanks…

      The only other apps I’ve downloaded is SnapTap and Five Icon Dock. I’ll delete the last and see if that helps my battery life.

      I noticed dramatic battery improvements when I first went to 4.1 (from 4.0.2), and had the GP jailbreak.

      Will let you know how it goes after my “testing”.

      By the way, is there an app that shows you which other apps are using the most processing power? I guess the equivalent to Task Manager on Windows….

  • thunderkeys

    I think the delay on first reboot/respring is caused by LockInfo, if you’re using that.

  • Tony Earl

    @Nick Wot do u mean redsn0w’s out? ive just seen the pwnage tool( which im not really a fan of the p1neapple ) so u say its the wifi sync desktop client? jeez thanks for that, ive been struggeling 4 days with it!

    where can i find redsn0w for the iPhone 4 IOs 4.1?

    • Z

      @Tony I never used pawnage tool before, since I don’t have a Mac. But last night my friend brought a MacBook over and it took me less time to create a custom fw and restore to that fw than it’s taking me to put everything back onto the phone. It worked without a single pause/glitch/crash/etc. iTunes had no problem recognizing the IPSW and restoring the phone to the custom fw.
      Considering that I was one of the first people to use jailbreakme, I have to say my phone is running flawlessly in comparison to when it was jb’d with jailbreakme.
      P.S.: I’m not a big fan of pineapples, but this one is sweet! =)

  • oops that what i meant. redsn0w’s out of the ipod touch 2g. I got my headlines switched. if you had wi-fi sync installed on your desktop, uninstall it, restore your ipod, and try greensn0w again. Wi-Fi sync’s itunes helper won’t let you restore your iPod. I too struggled for days before I found that out. Makes a HUGE difference.

    • Z

      @Nick you are confused for real… ‘greensnow’??? =)

  • rahsaanabdul

    The PIN lag goes for greenpois0n and Limera1n. The speedy Cydia upload goes for both as well. RemoveBG stopped working so I started using Multicleaner which involves more steps and has a less friendly UI.

  • Not that I know of. Here’s what I do to figure out what’s running:
    Look in the “More” options of SBSettings, then look in System options. I could be wrong, but it should list all installed MobileSubstrate extensions. The more that are in there, the less battery life you get.
    Check out the Processes menu in SBSettings. Again, more processes, less battery. If you kill a process there, kill it from the Task Switcher too and vice-versa. They don’t communicate.
    I bought Free Memory 2.0 from the AppStore. As long as it’s open, it actively frees up memory. It also lists every background process and its ID in real-time.

    Now if you see something in the Mobile Substrate directory, like a tweak you barely use, go into Cydia and uninstall it. You can also SSH into the MS directory (/Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries) and see what’s installed. Don’t manually delete anything; you can screw up a lot of stuff.

    • JimmyThunder

      Thanks man…

    • Burge

      If your right on this ..then SHIT I’ve got shed loads in there. Time to have a look

  • Juan

    I found that my apps didnt close right away when I hit the home button and my phone felt sluggish. Granted, I did restore from backup and I uses pkgbackup to reinstall mg jb apps.

    I used pwnagetool today. it doesn’t feel sluggish and apps close right away.

    this is why I prefer to wait for pwnagetool.

  • Personally, I’ve found that limera1n works better for me. WIth greenpois0n, I had way more crashes and other funky stuff going on — even with the initial install. With limera1n it’s been smooth sailing from A-Z. I’m sure there are lots of variables involved, though.

  • asnaf

    This is unrelated but a genuine question – I upgraded my iPhone 3G to 4.1 and after the upgrade my Wifi stopped working. I can no longer see or connect to any Wifi networks. I tried a bunch of things including Reset all and Restore but nothing worked. Wifi does work occasionally and I have found an apple forum discussion where others have seen similar issues. Does anyone know about it or is there a fix for it?

    • ant

      try using the same sim card that you were using before you JB

  • asnaf
  • @author you should be thankful you write for a blog. There’s simply nk way this piece would pass a college paper. Please check grammar and tonage, ll. Blog sounds high-school-ish now.

  • Joe

    I used greenpois0n on my 3GS and my wifes 4 with no issues but I tries it 6 times on a buddies iPhone 4 and it just won’t work. It starts to do the jailbreak then the phone boots up normally and jailbreak fails ever time.

  • Milind

    @Asnaf m facin the same problem… Ma iphone 3g wifi is nt wrkin…

  • Milind

    M on 4.1…

  • Svenii

    @Joe I had the same problem with GP, it never added Cydia. Then I tried Limera1n which worked great on 2 3gs & 4 I4’s so far. I always downloaded the latest version of GP.

  • Enarth

    I got some battery issues with the jb for 4.0.1 which were resolved by a restoration followed by a jb.
    With 4.1 i tried a lot of things… at first my iphone 4 was taking 3 minutes to reboot… after trying to remove/reinstall every cydia app, i found out, it was iphone delivery which was slowing down my iphone on reboot.

    But i still havent found out what is decreasing my battery life.. i tried with or without lockinfo and android lock and action menu. I still have to confirm it… but it seems that action menu might be the cause…

    I don’t know what apps you got, but if you experienced a decrease in battery lif with a particular app, i would be happy to know ^^

    It’s kind of getting on my nerve not to know what is eating away my battery life…

    • TG

      Have you tried ‘restoring as a new phone’ as opposed to using a backup?

      When I first got my iPhone 4, i set it up using a backup from my iPod Touch & the battery life was shite – I read then that some early iPhones were having problems being set up from a previous device’s backup, so I tried a ‘restore as new phone’ & the battery life improved straight away…

      I’m having the same problem as you after using pwnage to get from jailbroken 4.10 to 4.1. I’m hoping it will sort itself out, but I’ve got a feeling I’l have to do a ‘clean install’ I know that it messes up with stuff on the ipod & settings, but it’s worth it to sort out the battery.

      For what it’s worth, I’m going to use CopyTrans Manager to get photos / music / videos off the iPhone before I restore, and I’m using pkgbackup to save a list of jailbroken apps to redownload after it’s jailbroken again…

  • Felix

    Only complain is the “location services” is not working on ipod 4 4.1 jb with limera1n. I expected a considerable decrease in speed, but the a4 chip seems to handle it fine. As far as the battery goes, as long as i turn off the wifi, the battery lasts very long.

  • Tbui123

    I read IDB every day, it seems that there are a lot more complains about GreenPoson JB, way more then Limera1n JB since they both came out. Personally, I waited 3 days after Limera1n first came out and read many blogs before I used the LImera1n JB (after Geohot revised it from the first beta released) and I was very happy w/Limera1n, no problem, my phone works perfect. So far Greenpoison has came out for a while now, and it seems that I am reading some type of complain every day. Before Greenpoison came out, many keeps bashing Limera1n and said they rather wait for GP, fair is fair, Limera1n deserves the credit for having less bugs (and quickly fix the bugs in his JB). Just my observation and unbiased comment. You think this is fair?

  • rebo

    After jb with greenpois0n, i lost facetime. Rejailbreaking yesterday with pwnagetool brought it back.

  • Tbui123

    Also, this is just for fun, I wonder if any one know how they came up with the name and logo Greenp0ison? When I look at the logo, my thought is that they take a perfect apple and poisoned it, made it rotten. Or the poison killed the apple, like screwed up a perfectly good phone… Just my comical thoughts sharing w you all for fun, no intention of personal attack here. 🙂

    • ant

      sure looks like it but greenpoison has the knowledge to resurrect your iPhone

  • Enarth

    @TG At this point my issues with the battery life are not woth the effort of restoring as a new phone… When i was on 4.0.1, my battery life was shit… 20 % per night. Now it’s only 5 or 6% per night whereas it was only 2 or 3% when it was working fine…

    If it my battery life decrease like on 4.0.1 i will consider it, but until then, i guess i’m too lazy, i already spent too much time trying to figure it out…

    But let me know, if you try it 😀
    The most annoying thing is that i got it to work perfectly 2 weeks before jb 4.1.. it was great having the 300 hours of standby time.. now it’s more of a 150 or 200 hours standby time…

  • Tony Earl

    @ Nick how did you get rid of wifi sync cause ive tried everything uninstalled several times but everytime i reboot it pops up on the menu bar again 🙁 ive even tried the disable thing to no avail………please hellllllllp

  • There’s an uninstaller script that I downloaded. Quit iTunes, run the uninstaller, logout (or reboot for safe measure), log back in, and open iTunes. I used a Mac, I’m not sure how the PC version works.

    The Mac uninstaller is right on the site. On Windows, I’d recommend right clicking the installer and choosing Run As, and login with administrator rights. Reboot, try again. If that doesn’t work, boot Windows into safe mode and run the uninstall again. (F8 before windows loads).

  • just go to, and if you need the Mac one, it’s under the download links titled Mac Uninstaller.

  • Tony Earl

    thanks nick, got it uninstalled and i dont know how, i think i sudo’d it or something but worked like a charm
    had a blonde moment by trying to install the custom ipsw without being in DFU mode.

    all i can say is trust the real dev team to come up with a jailbreak!

  • bilbander

    why does greenpoison keep not working and I have to restore in itunes?
    10 times or more!

  • Tony Earl

    because it sucks!
    enjoy trying to restore, be careul of wifi sync.
    read all the comments here if u get stuc k



  • Nick

    redsn0w all the way. It’s just a better developed and maintained piece of software. If I were patient, I’d wait for it everytime. Plus, the dev-team always hangs back and waits until the jailbreak is ready, unlike geohot.

  • lay7on

    is it worth to have a jailbreak4.2 on iphone 4 ?

  • Tony Earl

    how good r u at the jailbreaking process? if u can deal with tethered booting and that crap then no
    its still not worth it…….stay on 4.1

  • Man

    You guys won’t even stand a chance trying to beat me in soccer or football so I’m undefeated

  • After I jailbroke ios 4.1 with my 2g ipod a day later with cydia litterally every application even ones from the app store would open but then a black screen came on the app and it wouldnt work

    • do you have an iPod Touch 2G MC model? Look in Settings>General>About to find your model number/serial number. If it starts with MC, you might be out of luck. There are special procedures (if any) to jailbreak the MC models.

  • mohammed

    this greenpois0n jailbreak has a lot of bugssss. it draives me soo crazy. A lot of sources doesn’t work with this jailbreak :S

  • SamRaven2

    The first problem that I noticed was the lock delay on the reboot, but I eventually got used to that. A problem that I am having though is that openSSH causes my bootlogo to run at about half its normal speed when I reboot. Does anyone know if this is a greenpois0n problem, or an openSSH problem?