One of the pitfalls of Apple iOS is the lack of a good notification system. By notification system, I mean a panel where one can view all their notifications in a consolidated panel, much like the notification panel of Android OS.

Instead, we have a system that, with every pushed notification, you get a popup alert, a sound and a badge on the application icon which presents itself as a useless system once you dismiss the popup alert. Once the popup is gone, the risk of forgetting the notification opens up.

LockInfo, by David Ashman, picks up where Apple slacks by providing us with a very useful notification panel that can be set as your lockscreen, your first Springboard page and/or a panel activated by Activator (known as InfoShade). The latter provides Android-like functionality with a panel available from any screen, whether from within an open app or not…

LockInfo’s Plugins API allows users to extend functionality to provide even more information on the notification panel. It currently ships with 5 stock plugins so you can customize panel with the information you want:

  1. Mail – Display email notifications.
  2. Calendar – Display calendar event notifications.
  3. SMS – Display SMS notifications.
  4. Phone – Display missed call and voice mail notifications.
  5. Push Notifications – Display all pushed notifications from apps that support push notifications.

In addition to the stock plugins, there are a few other plugins available in the Cydia Store to provide more information with more on the way.

LockInfo is packed with options and is fully configurable via the device’s and has support for Retina display (iPhone 4 only), status bar icons and screen rotation as provided by SBRotator and LSRotator.

The developer works very hard and has a very frequent release cycle for his beta testers. While average users should use the stable release, anyone is welcome to add the developer’s beta repo ( to Cydia to access the beta versions.

LockInfo is a commercial app available in the Cydia Store that comes with a price tag of $4.99, a free 14 day trial and licenses for up to 3 devices.

Personally, this is one of my favorite jailbreak apps and one of five reasons I jailbreak my devices. What about you? On the fence about buying LockInfo? Do you use LockInfo? What do you think about it?

  • Carmen

    This has just convinced me to jailbreak.

    • I know right? It’s an amazing application.

  • AppleBits

    Yea, I’m on the trial version at the moment. But so far I think it’s a great option for all the reasons you stated. I also added High Gloss for LI, and it just adds a glossy look to it, which in my opinion goes better with the iP4 display. But that’s just me.
    There are so many settings…I still need to mess with it a little to figure out what I really like, and where. But likely I’ll end up buying it in a week. πŸ™‚

  • Daniel

    LockInfo is my number one reason to JB and probably the best five bucks I ever spent. The integration with several of the most popular to-do apps is icing on the cake. Fantastic app with great support

    • Eduardo

      My thoughts exactly.

      Btw I live in Long Beach too πŸ˜‰

      • Just moved here. So far, I love it. =P

  • Chris

    I love it. It’s fairly simple to write plug-ins for as well. I wrote a quick “If Found” type plugin to display contact information and a brief message on your lockscreen. I’m also starting on a CalenGoo plugin to compliment the current calendar plugin and all of the various task type plugins (ToDo, etc).

    • Chris – Contact me on Twitter (Stimpy5050). I’d love to chat about your plugins and adding them to my list of LockInfo plugins.

      • Chris

        Will do. To be honest I’ve never actually done any iPhone/Objective-C programming before so I am using this as a learning experience. I’ll be in touch soon!


    Best money I have ever spent. Even transfers easy if you change iphones. One in my fav apps. Had this since the first 3GS came out.

  • Turbo

    One of the first apps I got after jailbreaking. Great app ξ€Žξ€Ž

  • Waine

    I have always used intelliscreen for the same purpose. Will give this one a try also.

  • whatchasay

    I am using lock calender (free app). only need to see what’s on my schedule.

  • Scotsman

    Superb app – never leaves my phone and makes the iphone usable imho.

  • JG

    I agree, this was my main reason for jail breaking. David is very responsive to support issues as well. Check out his weathericon app while you’re in Cydia.

  • JG

    Where is the LockInfo API? I looked on his site and all it says is “coming soon”.

    • Not sure. Hit him up on twitter -> @Stimpy5050

  • DomPerignon

    I have been using this amazing and beautiful app, since it first came out. It is one of my all time favorites.

  • Pete LEASK

    I MUST try!
    Sounds great!

  • Merog

    First of all this is a great app and well worth the money. I was using intelliscreen in the past and recently evaluated lockinfo. This is a better app compared to intelliscreen because of its plugins and features. But it is missing something, The REMINDER. This is the only reason that stops me from dropping intelliscreen and moving to this app is the SMS reminder!
    This is one feature that is available on intelliscreen, but missing on lockinfo. I use my iphone as pager, so people send me page through SMS. When I receive a SMS, intelliscreen keep ringing every few minutes to remind the user about the unread sms. You can change the ringer and the interval. It is very useful and convenient.
    I wish David Ashman or other program with programming experience would add this capability. I am sure lots of other people would find this useful and this might be THE selling point to move other intelliscreen users to LockInfo. Thanks in advance for adding the reminder!

  • Thanks, all, for the great feedback. It always feels good to hear from happy users. In terms of the API, I’ve been a bit of a slacker documenting it. You can find a few open source plugins out there if you are interested in tinkering.

    The reminder feature is on the list… I will have that at some point in the future.

    • Did you know that there is a cracked version of your app in cydia , is not possible to lock out cracked copies of lock info ?

      • Jon Garrett

        Stop Snitching.

        of course he knows there are cracks out there. its wrong but its the cost of doing business. sometimes it actually helps because more people hear about it and use it and then they buy it.
        not saying its right but thats how it is.
        I appreciate the hard work people put into developing their apps and Id be quite pissed if cracks of my apps was out there but then again, I already know that thats bound to happen and there’s nothing I could do about it.

    • Merog

      Thanks David, I really appreciate it! You made my day and I just purchased the lockinfo because you said reminder is coming πŸ™‚ Please push it on top of the list. Cant wait to get the reminder! Thanks again

  • Dave b

    I had the cracked version but loved it that much I paid for the app v.impressed. There’s lots of nice themes aswell

  • Carmen

    Update: I jailbreaked with greenpoison, (flawless install) and installed this app – It’s amazing, finally I can use my calendar – and make it be useful.

  • AppleBits

    Just paid for app, then added a few more plugins. FYI, the appigo todo plugin kept me in a safe mode respiring loop. I had to uninstall it via cydia, then this app worked fine. That plugin has a note that it is not created by David Ashman.

    • David Ashman

      Yes, there are issues with the todo plugins. The developer knows about these issues.

      • AppleBits

        Hi David,
        Thanks so much for this very useful app! I did have an issue at first, and I just thought I’d post it here so if anyone else finds the same problem, it may help.
        I’ve no clue if it’s related to iOS 4.1 or what, but I did have Infoscreen Clock Hide installed, but I was unable to get the lockscreen default clock/date to hide. Tried all I could think of. So I then decided to reinstall it-thinking the install was bad. Nope. Didn’t do the trick. Finally, I just uninstalled it, and walla…. Lockscreen (with added clock plug-in) was per-fecto!! πŸ˜€
        So I guess the Clock Hide is no longer a necessary component?? At least not in my case.

        How do I get a nice background photo to show like your screenshot has above? That’s pretty nice, too. Thanks again!! Glad I bought this!

      • AppleBits

        Uhh…never mind. My dumb. πŸ˜‰

    • Pete pleask55

      Yep I had same prob with Appigo & crashed aswell.
      Put on my blog & Facebook that this os the best App I’ve ever had & worth every cent. Done testing on ip4 & iPad & buying tomorrow morn.
      One thing is their is no yellow sun in weather on iPad install

  • Steve T

    Just purchased it. Awesome application…thanks Dave. A couple of questions:

    1) Is there a way to have InfoShade roll back up to the top when it closes like SBsettings?
    2) Is there any information online on how to write your own plugin?
    3) Is there a plug-in for Omnifocus overdue tasks? That would be incredible.


    • Chris

      I’m not David but I think I can help.

      1) It slides up for me.
      3) I’m not sure about this one, I haven’t seen it. There are a few being worked on right now including one for ToDo, 2Do, and AwesomeNote. I think those are all on cydia.

  • yonesmit

    I also think that ‘reminder’ option is missing. This is the only reason I bought IntelliScreen. Please add it soon.

  • thierry

    I also like using NotifiedApp Pro which I think is better for notification.
    But lockinfo offers so much more plugin

  • rainrose

    I just got this app and I’m loving it! πŸ™‚

  • Cromartie

    What happened to touching notification launching the app from lockscreen..? Btw superb app….why I jailbreak.

  • teresa

    i cant live without this app! simply love it.

  • sheytoon

    I also use intelliscreen and cant use lockinfo because it is missing “Reminder”. I would love to purchase and switch to lockinfo once the reminder is implemented.

  • Chad

    Amazing app!! Well worth the $5!! This is reason alone to JB your iPhone!

  • AndyLife

    I tested this app during the 14 day preview. Great app indeed.
    I am another reminder fan and would love to see reminder added to lockinfo.

  • ChrisA


    GREAT jailbreak app! I love it and will def buy the paid version.

    I have one question: is there any way to remove the Apple notifications on the lock screen? I love LockInfo so much that having the plain, boring, default notifications is annoying.

  • Richard

    Just a quick question, I’ve just got the iPhone 4 and want to transfer my licence to the new phone. Anyone know how?

    • Greenfire

      Hit buy now, then there is an option to transfer license. Easy.

  • Chris

    When using the Hideclock & The clock/calender lockinfo plugin, is it possible to change the font of the clock/date?

  • siqi

    hi, i have a question. is there anyway to hide the pop up msg when somebody whatsapp me? right now when ppl watsapp me, i can see it under the notification as well as the pop up msg.

  • Anonymous

    calander not working ? nothing happens when i click the calander

  • Anonymous

    calander not working ? i cant see the calander when i pressed it

  • nice, im defo gonna buy this app as soon as i jailbreak my iphone. its the only feature i actually miss from my previous mobiles

  • Tee Stan

    Lock Info has and still is the #1 reason for me to continually JB my iPhone. I feel lost without it. Thanks Mr. Ashman from one very satisfied customer.

  • LEE

    Can someone tell me what does the icon, on the top right corner, on the right of the mail icon mean, please…
    i cant seem to find it