You either love custom ringtones or you invariably loathe them. You can put me down in the latter category. Nevertheless there are many who love hearing a portion of their favorite jam when someone calls, or assigning certain songs that fit the personality of a specific contact in their address book. If you fit into the group that loves custom alerts, you’re in luck.

Mashable outlines the procedure that allows you to create the custom ringtones for free through iTunes. The instructions are a bit lengthy so click here for the step by step directions. You might also want to check out a review of Audiko we wrote a while ago. It’s a  search engine for ringtones that also allows you to easily create ringtones using your own music tracks.

Since the topic is being discussed, how do you feel about customized ringtones? Honestly I can’t think of any song I like enough to want to hear it anytime of the day through the horrid speaker quality that the iPhone offers. Even if I could think of a selection, having only 30 seconds of the tune played would irritate me the same way that being around someone who listens to only half of a song before they feel the need to switch it to another.

Give this tutorial a try and let us know how it worked for you. After that let us know in the comment box if you prefer having a custom or stock ringtone on your iPhone.

  • CathyofTO

    I do love orchestrated theme song ringtones such as theme to Harry Potter, Jaws, any John Williams theme really. I also love TV series themes ringtones. But as for the everyday music playing on the radio, not so much.

  • Burge

    The only ringtone I use and I’ve had it since my 2g is OUT OF SPACE by the Prodigy, if this is not my ring tone now I would know my phone was ringing I’ve got so used to it.

  • jake 2.0

    i use mytones through cydia its perfect i got the new linkin park song as my ringtone

  • Jgitto

    I’m not into the song ringtones but sure would like more “sound” ringtones. Any ideas?

  • Freddie

    I use a program called iRinger. It’s freeware and it cuts the song right where u want it and sends it to iTunes. Easy enough

    • Goofygreek

      Yep. iRinger is easy and great.

  • Z

    UnlimTones from Cydia – free, or Ringtone Designer from AppStore allow you to make your own ringtones off of your iPod library. Works tested on iOS4 and both work great.

    UnlimTones allows you to search and download ringtones, create your own and manage your ringtones altogether from one app, where RingtoneDesigner only let’s you create your own ringtones.

  • I have lots of ringtones, mostly for individual people. Makes it nice to know who’s calling without having to pick up the phone.

  • Thisdood

    Yeah i downloaded an app offa Cydia that does all of that for me.

  • pk

    I have a ringtone created from a midi file, it’s distinctive and means I know it’s _my_ phone ringing. I tried with nice bit of music once and then when someone rang I just instinctively thought the track had changed early. I need something that cuts through the background noise.

  • SteveB

    I use iTunes to make my ringtones… it’s really easy to do and you can use any part of a MP3 or any audio file to create the ringtone…

  • ie2special

    The tutorial is linking to the Hotmail story 🙁

  • ther are lots of free ringtone sites on the internet if you just keep on searching on google:`”

  • most of the best ringtone sites are pay sites, does anyone know of a good free ringtone site? ~:*

  • Most of the free ringtones sites are just scams. Everyone should read very carefully TOS of those sites before downloading tones.

  • lol

    look i want to make the phone ring the persons name!!!

  • Thanks