How to Create Free Ringtones for Your iPhone

You either love custom ringtones or you invariably loathe them. You can put me down in the latter category. Nevertheless there are many who love hearing a portion of their favorite jam when someone calls, or assigning certain songs that fit the personality of a specific contact in their address book. If you fit into the group that loves custom alerts, you’re in luck.

Mashable outlines the procedure that allows you to create the custom ringtones for free through iTunes. The instructions are a bit lengthy so click here for the step by step directions. You might also want to check out a review of Audiko we wrote a while ago. It’s a  search engine for ringtones that also allows you to easily create ringtones using your own music tracks.

Since the topic is being discussed, how do you feel about customized ringtones? Honestly I can’t think of any song I like enough to want to hear it anytime of the day through the horrid speaker quality that the iPhone offers. Even if I could think of a selection, having only 30 seconds of the tune played would irritate me the same way that being around someone who listens to only half of a song before they feel the need to switch it to another.

Give this tutorial a try and let us know how it worked for you. After that let us know in the comment box if you prefer having a custom or stock ringtone on your iPhone.