WWDC 2010 Wall

Damn you Gizmodo for spoiling the only event I’m excited about in the tech world!  If it wasn’t for you Gizmodo, I’d still be dreaming of what the next iPhone will look like.

But sometimes I wonder if what Gizmodo revealed is really going to be what Steve Jobs will unveil this Monday at the WWDC. In my mind, all this “next iPhone debacle” can’t be real. A 20-something kid from Apple can’t be responsible for a new iPhone prototype. More importantly, he can’t lose it in a bar. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

On the other end, seeing how Apple ferociously goes after Gizmodo makes me believe they must do this for a good reason. I’m confused. I’m confused because I’m still not sure we know everything there is to know about the new iPhone. I’m confused because in my mind there can’t be no surprise at this event.

So, what is Apple going to reveal iPhonewise on Monday? In the 10 predictions about the iPhone in 2010 I wrote last January, I gave a few hints to what I thought the iPhone would be like:

  • the new iPhone will still be for AT&T only (confirmed)
  • improved battery life
  • a 5 MP camera
  • 64 GB of storage
  • a louder speaker
  • a new design
  • backgrounding

I still stick 100% behind what I said. Seeing the leaked new iPhone, I’m glad to add to the list that it will most likely have a front-facing camera and a camera flash.

If all these features come with the new iPhone, I’ll be a happy camper. The iPhone will then be the device it was meant to be with features really competing with all these new Android phones.

Still, I’m expecting Apple to surprise us all with something none of us expected. If you had to make a wild guess, what do you think Apple will announce for the iPhone on Monday?

  • I’m sure the front-facing camera isn’t just for narcissists. It will also be used for video calling and iChat. A recent Associated Press article says that AT&T and T-Mobile will be upgrading its 3G network to even FASTER speeds than 4G is even capable of in the next two years: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5g-9J1V_QON7EkHyfAv96mxHNuPAgD9G19JI00

  • Fastfro

    Oooo different colors beside black and white O.O

  • DStar

    I feel like the 5MP camera will be the front camera, with a higher resolution camera on the back. 8MP perhaps? We’ll see on Tuesday.

  • Diana

    My fingers are crossed for a front facing camera w/iChat capability!! ;o)

  • Bozo

    The new iPhone will be a 4G LTE device that is exclusive to AT&T in marketing terms (you will be able to use it on Verizon but it will be unsubsidized and therefore way expensive). AT&T and Verizon will both announce limited availability of LTE in certain cities and aggressive plans to roll it out nationwide. Since LTE is backwards compatible with GSM the new phone will work like the old one did on AT&T’s network. It will be clear that the video phone features are really intended for an LTE network and just barely work on 3G GSM.

  • DStar

    @Bozo: Are you speculating or are you predicting? Your comment sounds very assertive, but, by all accounts, the only real truth in it is that LTE is backward-compatible with 3G.

  • pn2bade

    We still don’t know if it is going to be AT&T exclusive. All we know is that it isn’t going to be on verizon. For all we know it could be unlocked like the ipad 3g is, but only on a cmda network.

  • pn2bade

    Sorry, not cmda but gsm

  • CPAmember

    I think that the new iPhone will still be exclusive to ATT, at least for the comming 2 years, since they have signed a 5 years agreement with apple. And I doubt that the new iPhone will be combatible with CDMA networks.

    I just wish that it’s has much batter features than my current 3gs, just to justify my switching cost. Coz am getting anyways.

  • Iphonesude

    Idk bout the new fone….. I’m just waiting for 4.0