What is Apple Going to Reveal at the WWDC?

WWDC 2010 Wall

Damn you Gizmodo for spoiling the only event I’m excited about in the tech world!  If it wasn’t for you Gizmodo, I’d still be dreaming of what the next iPhone will look like.

But sometimes I wonder if what Gizmodo revealed is really going to be what Steve Jobs will unveil this Monday at the WWDC. In my mind, all this “next iPhone debacle” can’t be real. A 20-something kid from Apple can’t be responsible for a new iPhone prototype. More importantly, he can’t lose it in a bar. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

On the other end, seeing how Apple ferociously goes after Gizmodo makes me believe they must do this for a good reason. I’m confused. I’m confused because I’m still not sure we know everything there is to know about the new iPhone. I’m confused because in my mind there can’t be no surprise at this event.

So, what is Apple going to reveal iPhonewise on Monday? In the 10 predictions about the iPhone in 2010 I wrote last January, I gave a few hints to what I thought the iPhone would be like:

  • the new iPhone will still be for AT&T only (confirmed)
  • improved battery life
  • a 5 MP camera
  • 64 GB of storage
  • a louder speaker
  • a new design
  • backgrounding

I still stick 100% behind what I said. Seeing the leaked new iPhone, I’m glad to add to the list that it will most likely have a front-facing camera and a camera flash.

If all these features come with the new iPhone, I’ll be a happy camper. The iPhone will then be the device it was meant to be with features really competing with all these new Android phones.

Still, I’m expecting Apple to surprise us all with something none of us expected. If you had to make a wild guess, what do you think Apple will announce for the iPhone on Monday?