I just read an interesting story by Mona over at Pixel Bits explaining how she was disappointed with a couple iPhone apps she had purchased and how she got a refund for these apps, simply by asking Apple.

Here are the steps to request an iPhone app refund:

  1. Launch iTunes
  2. Go to Purchase History
  3. Report a problem
  4. Fill out the form with a legitimate reason for your refund request

Apple resolved my issues with a quick turn around time, hassle free, and was really really nice about it, too. And I am not going to lie, it shocked the crap out of me! …It may have helped I was clear and concise: “Beejive is not working out for me because x and x. Therefore, I would like x.” Manners and politeness can be advantageous, too. 🙂

I had no clue that you could request a refund for an iPhone application, but apparently, Apple gives customers 90 days to claim a refund for any purchase they made in iTunes or in the App Store.

  • ena

    ahhh I don’t know what happened but somehow I bought 9 apps and I did no such thing… I erased my credit card information immediately and requested for a refund via itunes… hope i get get my money back. T^T

  • tim weaver

    WTF Apple?

    “With the iTunes Store, all sales are final. As soon as you click the Buy button (using either 1-Click or the Shopping Cart) your purchases are charged to the credit card on your Apple Account. You cannot cancel a purchase or receive a refund for a purchase. See the iTunes Terms of Sale for additional information.”

    • Yeah that is the most ridiculous policy I’ve ever seen on the Internet.

  • tim weaver

    They should offer a cooling off period. The “light” version of software allows for a silent charge of “add ons” within the app. This is BS. I accidentally clicked on buy strawberries in the farm game and my account was charged $49.99.

  • AlessandraCo

    @Tim, that is different than a lite version of an app. Farmville and such are free full versions that you pay real $ for virtual items and upgrades. But apps that have a lite version as the trial version, also have a paid full one.

  • Gabriel

    How long does this take?

  • Derek

    Hi, i bought COD: WAW: zombies app around february, and had no idea i could get a refund (i sent an email to apple in march with outlook express, i have no idea why i didnt report a problem) Is it still possible for me to get a refund, even though its been way over 90 days? I just barely reported a problem today in a very nice tone. I will update you on how well this works out (im thinking of it as an experiment on how much you can trust apple :P)

  • randomaussie

    i dont think people should recieve a refund because they dont find they game fun, they should read the description before purchase. but i bought a game and it is incompatible with my ipod, thats a fairly decent reason i believe

    • carlos

      So what delvelopers can make b.s game and then rip off people

  • Felcher

    *** MUST READ *** You MUST log into your account from iTunes. You MUST choose “I inadvertently purchased this app”. If you choose a different reason, Apple will direct you to contact the developer who cannot refund your money, and you will not have a second chance to report the problem. *** MUST READ ***

    • Harry

      When i press report a problem it redirects me to iTunes then it says cannot connect with ITunes can someone help?

      • Harry

        Get on your computer and open iTunes then hook up yor phone to the computer then click my account and so on or click payments or somin

      • Harry

        Get on your computer and open iTunes then hook up yor phone to the computer then click my account and so on or click payments or something

  • Mitesh


    I am new in iTunes store. and i have create a iphone application and i want to use apple In-App-Purchase in my application and its my first application. and i want to submit this application to apple store. but it needs minimum one paid application submitted on apple store before use In-App-Purchase. so can any one suggest how i submit my first application on apple store with in-app-purchase.


  • karen mclean

    hi i was wondering if anyone can advise me on my chances of getting a refund from itunes?
    Yesterday my 7 yr old was playing with his older brothers ipod. He wanted a touch dog pet which is a free app but then without me knowing he went on to spend £220 on bones and coins for the dog!!!! i didnt know until the fraud team from my bank contacted me. they have stopped my card but i have paid for all these things. i am totally gutted this could happen. My son has cried all morning, he thought it was just on thegame and not real money. ive contacted itunes via email to see if they can remove the app and refund me and now i have to wait up to 24 hours for a response.
    Does anyone outhere know whether im likely to get it or not??????????????

    Thank you xx

  • claire


    Something very similar happened to me. My 7 year old spent £80 odd on a fish tank app buying sea shells! Itunes were extremely helpful, they did respond within the 24 hours and agreed to a refund. I was given the name of someone at itunes to email if I had any queries regarding the refund and when I emailed them they came back very quickly

    Please stay positive Im sure you’ll get your refund – I did!

  • Karen mclean

    Thank you. I hope I get it sorted before Christmas x

    • susan

      Hello, I was wondering how you got on with this, as a similar thing has just happened to us. Also, how do you contact them please?

    • susan

      Hello Karen, I was wondering how you got on with this, as a similar thing has just happened to us. Also, how do you contact them please?

      • Karen mclean

        Hi, I went to my iTunes account and clicked report a problem. They contacted me within 24 hours and were very helpful. They told me because it was a genuine mistake they will refund my acc £331.50. Which I am very pleased about. Also I have changed the security settings on my sons iPod so this will never happen again. Dint think me or my bank balance could handle it x x

  • rach-o

    Hi same thing has just happened to my 6yr old- £404 spent on coins in a game! I’m a little more encouraged that others got refunds. I have to say I think my face went white as she told me about the downloads and the costs of it mounted. I must sign out, I must sign out, I must sign out! (100 times)

    • Karen mclean

      It’s crazy isn’t it that there are apps for children our there where you can sound so much money on virtual coins and bones in my case. I don’t think many parents would actually allow their children to spend £59.99 on a barrell of bones. Have you contacted apple. They are very helpful. Hope you sort it x

      • Karen mclean

        Spend not sound oops !!

      • susan

        Had a reply today from Apple in less than 12hrs from mailing them. I am very impressed with their response. They were very understanding, and they are going to reverse the charges for me, which are over £150. 2 of the apps were £60 & £55. I nearly choked when I discovered this lol..So thumbs up to Apple Customer Services is what I say!!!! 🙂

  • Rach-o

    Thanks. Just waiting to hear back… My daughter pressed the £59.99 three times in amongst the others! I’ll post when I hear back.

    • rach-o

      £404 thankfully refunded 🙂

  • Bob

    I downloaded an app that crashes constantly and it wasn’t even the game I thought it was. Hopefully Apple will be as forgiving to me as they have been for you all! I really want my money back, and it wasn’t a cheap app, either!

  • roy

    Bob, follow the the link above. The customer service is second to none, im sure you’ll be successful.
    Good Luck!

  • Pam

    Help please!
    I reported a problem and requested a refund, but Apple did not contact me. It has been more than a week already, and i can’t re-report the problem. What should i do?

  • Bob

    I find it funny how they advertise a guranteed response in 48 hours… more like 48 days >.>

  • Piea

    Is there any way that can get a refund from my iPod touch not computer?

  • Jim

    I bought f***g TomTom apps for my iPhone4 and it is not working – is there a way to get a refund? I tried Apps store and could not see my purchase to try to get a refund. This is f… I think I got robbed.

    • aesopfox

      hey dood, login to iTunes and view your purchase history. select said f***g TomTom app, press Report a Problem, then request/demand a refund here.

  • Doug

    I haven’t commented on this in months but have any of you tried a chargeback through your bank? ie if you have Amex on file dispute the charge. They will likely get your money back.

    Its part of consumer power.

  • treyzara

    Guy at the top you can still do not compatibale with my device

  • Mackay

    They still have yet to review my request. Can anyone assist me?

  • Mackay


  • Andrew

    My report to Apple :
    I saw this PhotobangPro in AppFree, which stated that photoBangPro, is Free for the day. When I click the free button, it’s take me to the apple application store and I straight away click the buy button, which I thought is free. I thought that that the transaction haven’t gone through because I didn’t know that with just one click my credit card will be charged without verification.
    For your information, AppFree has changed the “free” application from photoBangPro to photoBang. I already took the screenshots that showed the misleading information. Please let me know if you need to see the screenshots. I hope that you will refund my purchases.

  • John

    If negotiating with Apple fails, contact your credit card provider and request a chargeback. Then it’s up to the merchant to provide evidence, not the other way around.

  • kate

    so my brother was messing arund with my ipod and downloaded and paid for a bunch of stupidness what do i doo… i want apps that i waantt.. lol not hhis

  • RealParent

    How about you people parenting your kid instead of babysitting them w/ your iPod and being surprised they spent money playing a game you downloaded for them.

  • Anon

    Real parent – there is always one that thinks they are better than the rest of us and I bet you’ve not got kids of your own!

  • turbo84gn

    On my son’s ipod (and my iphone), there is no credit card on account. Only way to add credit is by buying the itune cards. I also hate the refund policy, and the inability to contact anyone. I am starting to regret my iphone (hardware) purchase. The iPhone itself is a good idea, but the control over software is horrible from and end-user perspective.

  • mike


  • Derek

    Well….. No response from apple, and it has been over a half to one year now…… sometimes I question the app store. I bought the CoD: Nazi zombies app a while after it came out, for like ten dollars. then, almost two months later, i tried to update it, but found no updates for it, and multiplayer still did not work for it, so I deleted the app. Then I went onto the app store to download it again, and guess what, treyarch or whatever company that released it, decided to change the app, as if it was removed and re added tot he app store, making everyone re buy it. That, or apple really screwed up, and decided to say that i did not buy this app in my history….. from now on, i am syncing my purchases to itunes. Microsoft is the way to go in the world of high end games, like call of duty, or at least sony, cause it isnt really possible for them to screw you over

  • Paul

    When u refund an app the guy who developed it refunds 100%, even though he only received 60-70% when u purchased. Developers are often just regular people, and you can bankrupt and indent them with this foolishness. If you have a genuine reason for a refund, fine, but buying apps and deciding you don’t enjoy playing them is not a good enough reason imo.

    • Tony

      If the app isnt working like it should then we should all ask for a refund thats the way it is

  • Sean

    People having problems with their kids buying or inadvertently buying in-app purchases should know that ALL iOS devices have a feature in the settings menu that allows you to turn this functionality off.

  • AppQueen

    I bought some expensive apps that I never use anymore, and one that has only a very small difference from the free vertion. I fear those are not good enough reasons for a refund, and its been more than 90 day, but could someone tell me if I could?

  • Ben Bogart

    I bought an app that just crashed every time it opened. I contacted apple by reporting a problem and got no response and no refund. Maybe its just luck.

    • Ben Bogart

      Ok, I don’t know if my pessimism paid off or what but as I posted this I got an email from apple saying they would refund the purchase. It took a little over week but they came through.

  • Jakesta13

    This app I bought (in Canada) and its called ivirus (not a virus app it’s a game) I got it for $2.99 and now I want to redownload it but guess what! It is not in the app store I guess apple riped me off! How would I get the app again without paying again?

  • Anonymous

    Hehe…….They didn’t want you to know about it………………………But hey they gotta have some kind of return policy. They just tried to shut there customers out of it…………..dats all.:)

  • hi al
    just woundered if anyne can help me please
    my 5 year old has run up a bill forver £550 i dint know i myitunes had been act or somthing until i e-mailed them they said someone had bee buying add ons for a dog game then we sw some e-mails saying theythad been brought i so mad they sad someone in the house hld had brught them an e needed to send all the cdes to them we told them ins ur little 1 wth the looks of it as nbody else uses the phone do uthink i will get mymoey back gutted

  • can i report a problem on a ipod?

  • pete

    That is wrong. WRONG WRONG WRONG Advice.
    I cant say how much i am pissed with apple for making getting a refund so hard.

    If you do what you do above you will get a notice eg. clicking the app failed to perform as expected. The response will be that apple have simply taken a notice of the feedback and you are directed to go to the makers themselves.

    Refunds are done through APPLE EXPRESS LANE. NOT repeat NOT the receipt (as indicated via report a problem) as you indicated above.

    The report a problem does nothing more than notify apple some issues are happening with the App but it does nothing for a refund other than making the customer more pissed off.

  • Elizabeth Franklin Woods

    My Boyfriends 8 year old charged nearly $900 in games to my iTunes account over the weekend. I spent 3 hours researching options. Your post SAVED me!!! Thank you so much. They have a ONE TIME forgiveness policy for situations just like this. Again, thank you for saving OUR Christmas. God Bless YOU!

  • Worked just fine. Just refunded for Weather Live Reloaded – which avoided NOAA weather station at airport 1/2 mile from home – to give me weather info from charter school ten miles away!

  • Jill Queen

    I know this is an old thread, but I, too, received a refund from Apple. Now, this app was $24 and absolutely terrible. It didnt function at all like it was supposed despite wonderful reviews. My son told me those reviews could have been staged. I was really upset. So, I wrote to Apple. I received an email crediting my account with two hours.