YouTube Capture

Google gives YouTube Capture new video editing features

YouTube Capture, Google's dedicated iPhone and iPad app for recording and sharing video on YouTube, appears to have been on the back burner for a while because the last major update dates back to early-summer 2013, when the program gained support for YouTube accounts with multiple channels.

Meanwhile, Google posted a new version of the Hangouts app and added multi-account support to the Drive app.

With that off its back, the Internet giant's attention now turns to YouTube Capture. Apart from the flattened icon, version 2.0 finally allows users to pause and resume their recordings. That's just scratching the surface though as the app now lets you combine and rearrange clips and even add a soundtrack.

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YouTube Capture gains support for accounts with multiple channels

The Internet giant Google today released a maintenance update to its YouTube Capture app used to record clips on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices and upload them in the YouTube-friendly format to the video sharing service. The biggest improvement in YouTube Capture version 1.5 is support for YouTube accounts with multiple channels.

This is no doubt going to appeal to prolific YouTube creators such as our own Jeff Benjamin whose how-to, hands-on and walkthrough videos regularly score high view counts (and some people even fall in love with the sound of Jeff's wonderful radio voice).

This edition of YouTube Capture additionally features general improvements and fixes and better uploading on iOS 5 devices...

YouTube Capture gets updated with ‘Wi-fi only’ upload option and more

It looks like it's 'release your updates' day today for iOS developers. Earlier this morning we saw software updates seeded by Apple and Instagram, and now we have one from Google for its popular YouTube Capture app.

Today's update brings the app to version 1.3, and it includes a handful of new features and improvements. For starters, it features a new 'only upload on Wi-Fi' option, and there's also HD and speed enhancements on board...

YouTube Capture is now optimized for iPad

Google's standalone YouTube video recording and uploading software, YouTube Capture, has been updated today to work natively on the iPad and iPad mini.

Now a universal binary supporting all your iDevices natively, the program enables you to quickly capture a clip on  your iPad, perform basic touch ups, type in some meta data and upload your work in full HD to YouTube.

We're not sure who in their right mind would want to record footage on a tablet, but editing and managing those clips surely feels much more natural on the iPad's bigger canvas...

Google upgrades YouTube Capture with 1080p video uploads

When Google in December released the YouTube Capture iOS app, the company instantly goy my attention. I love its sleek design, simplified user interface and the effectiveness of having an app dedicated to recording and uploading video clips to YouTube. It would be a must-have if not for the inexplicable lack of support for 1080 uploads - the software would limit any upload to 720p.

Not anymore. Today, a new maintenance released has been pushed which now lets you upload footage in the full HD 1,920-by-1,080 pixel resolution, along with a few other tweaks. More details right after the break...

Google rolls out new iPhone app: YouTube Capture

Google on Monday released a brand new software to simplify the process of uploading videos to YouTube from your iPhone or iPod touch. Dubbed YouTube Capture and provided as a free download from the App Store, the app lets you record and touch up videos with color correction, stabilization, trimming and the ability to add free music tracks from YouTube prior to uploading your finished work. Moreover, you can upload to Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube simultaneously...