iPhone tops Yahoo UK’s 2013 tech searches

Rivals often point to Apple's sub-20 percent share of the global smartphone market as a proof of sorts that the iPhone has run its course. In reality, the device remains the most sought-after item in technology which people searched for most on the web throughout the year, at least among the British.

According to Yahoo UK's annual roundup of trends and stories gleaned from the billions of online searches throughout the year 2013, the iPhone was the most searched-for technology item this year. After the Apple handset, Yahoo's UK users were most interested in Amazon's second-ranked Kindle e-reader and Samsung's third-placed Galaxy brand.

Apple's iPad and Sony's new PlayStation 4 round up the top five most searched-for tech items on Yahoo UK (the Xbox One ranked sixth)...

Yahoo Screen and PBS channels added to Apple TV

Yahoo in September released its Screen iOS app. Billed as a remote control for web video with true AirPlay multitasking, the iPhone and iPad application acts as a one-stop shop for a bunch of web video sources, including licensed programming from Viacom and other Yahoo partners.

Today, Yahoo announced the arrival of Yahoo Screen for Apple TV. Provided as a new channel on your set-top box's main menu, Yahoo Screen lets Apple TV owners watch live news and events, stream such premium third-party shows as Saturday Night Live, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and content from MLB, UFC, The Onion, Martha Stewart, as well as enjoy Yahoo's original programming, all from the comfort of their couch...

Yahoo Mail updated with message swiping

Yahoo Mail has been making some serious moves lately with a major redesign across the web and mobile apps. On the iOS side, the iPhone and iPad Yahoo Mail app recently saw a major revamp and feature additions, including folder management, multiple account support, native iPad interface and more.

I've been increasingly liking the 16-year-old web-based email service, especially now that every account comes with one terabyte of free storage. The app has been updated yesterday to version 2.0.3 with quite useful message swiping functionality and a few other tweaks...

Yahoo Finance gets push notifications and all-new iOS 7 look

Since the iPhone's inception, Yahoo has been Apple's exclusive provider of weather and stock market data in iOS. While I've never been a big fan of Yahoo's Finance app for the iPhone and iPad, I prefer to keep tabs on stocks on the Yahoo Finance website, as opposed to Google Finance.

I'll be changing my mind, however, as the Internet giant has at last given the iOS app a thorough overhaul while adding new features such as notifications for stock price changes, so it now feels right at home in iOS 7...

Yahoo Screen update adds AirPlay multitasking

Yahoo last month posted a new iPhone and iPad app, Screen, pitched as a remote control for web video of sorts.

That's a tall order, I know, but keep in mind that the Internet giant hosts tons of original and licensed news, sports, food and entertainment video content from the likes of MLB, UFC, The Onion, Martha Stewart and others.

Deal breaker: AirPlay support was non-existent.

That's quite a bummer for yours truly as those juicy vids beg to be watched on my big screen TV. Luckily for me (and everyone else), Yahoo heard my pain and issued an update so I can now finally beam a clip to a TV through my $99 Apple TV box while using the app to browse Yahoo's Screen library. Cool!

Flickr gains background auto-uploading on iOS 7

Yahoo yesterday issued a major revamp of its Mail service across the web and mobile platforms and today the Internet company pushed a new version of Flickr for iPhone.

In addition to a slightly refined user interface for iOS 7, folks who've upgrade their iDevices to iOS 7 can take advantage of a new Auto Upload feature that will “seamlessly upload and save your photos in full resolution." Other tidbits include fixes for Google sign-in issues and a brand new Auto Straighten feature...

Yahoo totally revamps Mail, now with 1TB of free storage

Yahoo's beleaguered Mail has long given up its leadership position to Gmail although many people would agree that Yahoo's web-mail service is far more elegant, sophisticated and streamlined compared to Google's Gmail, which often times looks very much like work in progress. Taking another crack at dethroning Google, Yahoo today started rolling out a significant Mail makeover across the web, mobile and desktop.

Further sweetening the deal, the company has raised the storage cap so everyone now gets one terabyte of free storage. The new design looks absolutely gorgeous, jump past the fold for the full reveal...

Yahoo updates ‘Sportacular Pro’ with iPad support and more

Right now is a great time to be a sports fan. College and pro football are in full swing, and we're on the verge of post-season Major League Baseball and the beginning of the 2013-14 basketball season.

And with so much going on, it's nice to have a sports app around to help you keep up with everything. And while there are several, Yahoo is hoping its big 4.2 update for Sportacular Pro will win you over...

Yahoo’s new Screen iOS app is a remote control for web video

The struggling Internet giant - once synonymous for anything remotely dealing with online content - on Monday issued a brand new app called Yahoo Screen.

The company is billing the app as a remote control for web video of sorts. More appropriately, Yahoo Screen is your one-stop shop for both Yahoo's original and licensed video content.

You can instantly stream news, sports, food, and entertainment videos from MLB, UFC, The Onion, Martha Stewart and lots more, free of charge (no strings attached). But that's just scratching the surface as Yahoo's licensed video library includes such TV shows as Saturday Night Live, along with Yahoo Originals featuring Jack Black, Ed Helms, Zachary Levi, Cheryl Hines, Rachael Harris and more...

Yahoo gives Flickr iOS app live filters and pro editing tools

There has never been a better time to dive deep into iPhone photography. With Twitter's Vine popularizing impulse sharing of short video clips, Instagram ruling the photo sharing space and having acquired the video startup Luma, it may seem as if the outcome of this rivalry will be determined between Facebook/Instagram, Twitter/Vine and Google and its Google+ Photos.

But people seem to be forgetting about Yahoo and its Flickr photo sharing service. After being neglected for so many years, the awoken Internet giant under Marissa Mayer's leadership has made some notable strides in the mobile photography space.

And with today's major update, Yahoo's Flickr iOS app has gained some interesting mobile photography features that instantly make it on par with the aforementioned giants. Here's the full breakdown...

Yahoo Mail iOS app gets folder management, improved attachment handling

The struggling Internet giant Yahoo released its native Mail app for the iPhone last December, but it fell on deff ear.

Fourth months later, a revamped version with native iPad support has arrived and Yahoo has since enhanced the experience by adding a couple improvements, including the useful business-focused support for multiple personal and Business Mail accounts.

As part of the sweeping streamlining announced on its blog this morning, Yahoo has pushed an incremental update to its iPhone, iPod touch and iPad client, the new version now allowing you to open attachments in other apps and manage multiple folders with ease...

Yahoo Sports iOS app updated with WNBA scores, full MMA coverage and more

Yahoo back in May updated its popular Fantasy Football iOS client with mobile drafting and a slew of other new features and improvements to get you ready for the start of the 2013 NFL season. But if American football just isn't your thing, how about basketball? Or mixed martial arts? Or some other sport?

Don't worry, Yahoo's Sports iOS client (previously known as Sportacular) has you covered. In a new updated issued today, Yahoo has overhauled the software while adding the full MMA coverage, a range of scores, news and standings for the WNBA and more...