HapticKeyboard enables haptic feedback as you type on your iPhone

If you’re into the haptic feedback craze and enjoy feeling the ‘buzz’ in your hand when you perform actions on your iPhone, then you’re going to love a new free jailbreak tweak for called HapticKeyboard by developer Cole Cabral.

As the name suggests, this tweak enables haptic feedback as you type on your keyboard on your iPhone.

This tweak brings haptic feedback to your iPhone

If you love haptic feedback and you’re now happily jailbroken on iOS 9.3.3, then you ought to check out a new free jailbreak tweak in Cydia called HapticFeedback.

With this tweak, you can receive small haptic vibrations from performing miscellaneous actions on your iPhone.

How to stop your iPhone from vibrating when your alarm rings

By default, any time you set an alarm on your iPhone, it’ll vibrate when the alarm goes off. For some people, this is a good way to help get woken up, but for others it’s a waste of battery and can be completely annoying to hear that loud vibration on the night stand.

In this tutorial, intended for iPhone users only, we’ll be showing you how you can set up an alarm so that your iPhone doesn’t vibrate when it goes off.

Calmi: toggle vibration with the silent/ringer switch

I rarely use ringtones with my iPhone. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I’ve heard my ringtone, because my iPhone stays on silent mode 99% of the time.

Sometimes I find that even the motor from the vibration is too much for me, so I quickly tap the volume buttons to completely silence the phone. Calmi is a jailbreak tweak for people like me. It’s a tweak that allows you to turn the ringer/vibrate switch into a vibrate/silent switch.

How to stop your iPhone from vibrating on tables

Don’t you just hate it when you place your iPhone on a table, and notifications start going off? You get that annoying buzzing sound, which is the result of the vibration motor pulsating on the hard table surface. Wouldn’t it be awesome if your iPhone knew when it was laying on a flat surface, thus disabling the vibration? Well, that’s the premise behind MyVibe.

MyVibe is a relatively new jailbreak tweak that’s available for $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Once installed there are quite a few options that can be configured using the tweak’s preference panel. Take a look inside for a video walkthrough showcasing how to use MyVibe, and why it may be beneficial for you.

New app uses iPhone’s vibrate motor to take hands-free 360-degree video

Up until now, if you wanted to shoot 360-degree video with your iPhone, you’d either need a snap-on accessory, like the GoPano, or a pair of steady hands and some patience. But a clever new app is looking to change that.

Introducing Cycloramic, an iPhone app that uses the handset’s built-in vibrate motor to spin it around in a circle, allowing you to capture 360-degree video, completely hands free. Hard to believe? Check out the video demo…

Apple researching facial-zooming and quieter iPhone vibration

Apple has applied to patent new technology designed to solve two annoying problems. One filing addresses that “silent” iPhone which you set to “vibrate” but instead noisily dances across tables and other hard surfaces. The other patent application could come in handy for iPhone and iPad mini owners constantly resizing their screens for a better view. However, the most intriguing invention Apple seeks to patent measures the distance of an iDevice owner’s face from a screen, using a combination of the camera or other proximity sensor. Differing modes would then automatically adjust the size of content being viewed…

Apple researching new haptic feedback technology

Just hours before Apple unveiled its third-generation iPad this year, a report came out suggesting that the tablet could feature some sort of new haptic “touch-feedback” display.

Obviously, the story never materialized. But as it turns out, Apple is looking into it. The company has had over 4 patents published this year on haptics, including this one…