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Unreal Engine 4.9 hits with push notifications, CloudKit support and ton more goodies

Epic Games' widely used Unreal Engine that powers countless graphics-rich games like the Infinity Blade trilogy was bumped to version 4.9 today. New features include better graphics in iPhone and iPad games, the ability to use remote push notifications, support for Apple's CloudKit framework which provides authentication, databases and storage services to developers, and many other perks.

Unreal Engine 4.9 can be downloaded through the official website.

Epic releases Metal-powered ‘Zen Garden’ demo free on App Store

Demoed at WWDC back in June to show off the power of Apple's new low-level graphics framework, Metal, Epic Games' Zen Garden is now available to download on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices running iOS 8 and powered by the Apple-deigned A7 or A8 processor.

Built on the recently-unveiled Unreal Engine 4, the first game engine with built-in support for the Metal API, Zen Garden classes as a technological showcase.

The latest iPhone 6, for example, renders the demo in a whopping 1,440-by-1,080 resolution at a smooth thirty frames per second.

Infinity Blade III ‘Kingdom Come’ update is out with new maps, enemies and more

The highly anticipated Infinity Blade III 'Kingdom Come' update is now available in the App Store. This is not only the final content update for the popular game, but ChAIR says that it includes everything needed to bring the entire Infinity Blade trilogy to an end.

Among the additions in today's release are 6 new treasure maps, 5 new enemies to battle, and over 25 new items for both Isa and Siris to collect and sell. It also features new goals and achievements, and unlock-ability for Master Items has been raised to level 100.

Infinity Blade series ending on September 4 with final ‘Kingdom Come’ update

The iOS-exclusive Infinity Blade series will conclude on September 4, the video game production company ChAIR Entertainment, the brains behind the game, confirmed in a blog post.

The elegiac masterpiece and one of my favorite games on the iOS platform is set to come to its inevitable conclusion in the final content update, dubbed 'Kingdom Come.'

Free to all Infinity Blade III players, 'Kingdom Come' will reveal some new secrets, answer more questions and “set you on a quest to defeat one very pissed off dragon,” as ChAIR put it.

Epic Games unveils Unreal Engine 4: OS X support, subscription-based, full code access

Epic Games' Unreal Engine powers some of the most graphics-intensive games on consoles, desktop computers and mobile devices, like the Gears of War and Mass Effect franchises, or the iOS-exclusive Infinity Blade series, for example.

During a press event at the Game Developers Conference this morning, Epic's chief Tim Sweeney announced the latest version, Unreal Engine 4.

The software was built by a team of over 100 engineers, artists and designers around the world and is designed to scale from PC and console to mobile and the web. The announcement is significant in ways more than one.

For starters, for the first time ever Epic is making available the whole widget - including Unreal Engine's full source code, the editor, everything - on a subscriptions basis, for as low as just nineteen bucks per month. Yup, you read that right, just $19 per month.

That's just scratching the surface so read on for the full reveal...

Epic and Kamcord partner on in-game iOS recording using Unreal Engine 3

Epic Games, which publishes the elegiac masterpiece that is the Infinity Blade series, also licenses its industry-leading Unreal Engine to hundreds of games makers and developers. Today, Epic announced a new partnership with Y Combinator-funded startup Kamcord which makes a popular in-game recording technology.

The move integrates Kamcord's in-game recording platform with Unreal Engine 3, allowing iOS developers who license Unreal Engine to ship iPhone and iPad games with Kamcord's features for seamlessly recording and sharing gameplay videos...

Unreal’s Epic Citadel updated for Retina devices, launches on Android

Remember the strikingly remarkable Epic Citadel demo? It knocked our panties off with jaw-dropping graphics! Not sure about you, but I'd never thought such detailed visuals would have been possible on mobile devices that early in the game. You can thank Epic's Unreal Engine 3 for that, actually. Arguably the best game engine, it powers some of the best iOS games, including Epic's own Infinity Blade series.

Today, the team has updated the free Epic Citadel iOS demo with nice Retina graphics on fifth-gen iPhone and iPod touch devices and iPad 4. There's also a brand new benchmarking mode and, for the first time, the demo is now available on Android smartphones and tablets, indicating future cross-platform releases.

Go past the fold for more tidbits, including a nice trailer for an upcoming iOS/Android game built on Epic's engine...