Epic and Kamcord partner on in-game iOS recording using Unreal Engine 3

Kamcord (iPhone teaser 001)

Epic Games, which publishes the elegiac masterpiece that is the Infinity Blade series, also licenses its industry-leading Unreal Engine to hundreds of games makers and developers. Today, Epic announced a new partnership with Y Combinator-funded startup Kamcord which makes a popular in-game recording technology.

The move integrates Kamcord’s in-game recording platform with Unreal Engine 3, allowing iOS developers who license Unreal Engine to ship iPhone and iPad games with Kamcord’s features for seamlessly recording and sharing gameplay videos…

According to Epic, Kamcord captures gameplay as it takes place on the screen of mobile devices.

Tim Sweeney, Epic’s founder and CEO:

The Kamcord integration with Unreal Engine 3 provides awesome real-time video recording and social sharing functionality that developers can drop into their mobile games for added appeal. We’re proud that Kamcord has joined Epic’s Integrated Partners Program to bring their technology to Unreal Engine developers as seamlessly as possible.

The interesting service has been picking up considerable steam over the past twelve months or so. For example, over 500 million gameplay videos were recorded between January and June of last year alone. Thus far, users have recorded more than two billion videos and uploaded more than two million videos to the service.

The platform makes it easy for developers to quickly implement in-game narration and video recording functionality alongside a bunch of other features such as video trimming, skinned user interfaces (see below), video sharing via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media channels and so forth.


And once their social community takes off, there will be a central repository for all of the gameplay videos players have recorded from all of the apps that incorporate Kamcord’s technology.

For some time now Kamcord’s been offering a software development kit for iOS developers and supporting the Cocos2D and Unity game engines. The addition of Unreal Engine should bring Kamcord’s in-game recording platform to some of the finest games available on iOS.

Y Combinator-funded, Kamcord is also backed by some of the top venture capitalists like Andreessen Horowitz, Yahoo’s boss Marissa Mayer and Google Ventures, the search giant’s funding arm that also backed Tony Fadell’s Nest, to name a few.