BitTorrent Sync iOS app launches on App Store

Back in April, BitTorrent introduced an Alpha version of BitTorrent Sync, a free cross-platform file syncing service that automatically moves data between devices via distributed technology, appealing to privacy advocates by totally bypassing the cloud.

The service entered Beta last month, which also saw the release of an Android client, a free download from Google's Play store. No, BitTorrent hasn't forgotten about iOS users: today saw the release of BitTorrent Sync for iOS.

Just like its Android counterpart, the iPhone and iPad app lets mobile users sync up work folders to their tablet or smartphone, back up their precious photos, share files directly to friends and collaborators and more...

iTransmission 3 released, a BitTorrent client exclusive to iOS 6

One of the utilities you aren't going to find in iTunes is a fully featured BitTorrent client. While BitTorrent doesn't have the best reputation in mainstream media, not all torrents constitute piracy and not all piracy occurs over BitTorrent. A good BitTorrent client is handy to have, and their absence on iTunes provides savvy users with another reason to jailbreak.

iTransmission 3 isn't just an update of the popular iOS BitTorrent client with support for iOS 6 thrown in. The jailbreak app comes complete with an improved UI, an updated backend, and exclusive compatibility with iOS 6...

iOS BitTorrent client iTransmission gets long-awaited update

BitTorrent users rejoice. iTransmission, the popular iOS BitTorrent client, has finally been updated to support the latest versions of Apple's mobile software.

The jailbreak utility, which was abandoned by developer Mike Chen sometime last year, has just been resurrected by ioshomebrew as iTransmission 2...

Download Torrents On Your iPhone With iTransmission

iTransmission is a free jailbreak app that allows you to download torrents straight to your iPhone. We've talked about torrent apps before, but iTransmission works like the popular desktop torrent app of a similar name, Transmission.

Transmission has been a hugely popular torrent client on non-mobile platforms, and iTransmission aims at making it easy to download torrents right from your iPhone.

NowStream Lets You Stream Torrents to Your iPhone, No Jailbreak Required

NowStream is a web application that was developed during this weekend's TechCrunch Hackathon by Carnegie Mellon student, and future Google intern Sohail Prasad. The web app allows you to stream torrents directly to your iPhone via Mobile Safari.

The app allows you to grab any torrent link, paste it in the web interface of the app and start streaming. There's obviously stuff happening in the background but we don't know much about it so far...

Apple Approves a BitTorrent Application

Apple has approved a BitTorrent‐based app for the App Store despite rejecting other BitTorrent apps in the past, citing piracy concerns.

The app was developed by Derek Kepner and is called IS Drive. Available now at the App Store for $4.99, it basically utilizes ImageShack Drive, which is a paid, torrent‐based service for downloading files. Users search for torrents on the app and can also download torrents from ISOHunt and Mininova...

uTorrent Web Lets You Manage Your Torrents Downloads From Your iPhone

Torrent managers will probably never make it to the App Store. We've already seen a few applications like Torrentula that lets download torrents directly to your iPhone, but to be honnest, that was not very useful.

After all, why would you want to download torrents to your iPhone? Downloading torrents on my PC from my iPhone seems much more interesting to me. That's exactly what uTorrent Web offers with its new mobile interface.

After installing the desktop app and reading the few instructions, you will then be able to manage your torrent downloads directly from your iPhone by pointing Safari to

Functionality is limited, but the essentials are there. You can paste in a torrent URI from another app on your iPhone to initiate a transfer remotely and pause active torrents. Concerned about your privacy? Have a read through BitTorrent's post about architecting for user privacy.

No, this won't allow you to download torrents directly onto your non-jailbroken iPhone -- but it will at least allow you to start new transfers on your home machine (which probably has a boatload more free drive space anyway) from wherever in the world you currently happen to be.

[Via Download Squad]