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How to turn off the tab previews in Safari on Mac

Safari with Tab Previews on Mac

With Safari 14 on Mac came a cool feature for tab previews. This allows you to see a tiny snapshot of a webpage you have open in another tab when hovering your mouse over this tab. The thing with this feature is, it’s simply not for everyone. Some find it distracting. If you fall into this group, we’re here to help. Here’s how to disable the Safari tab previews on your Mac.

How to use the VoiceOver Utility to customize VoiceOver on Mac

VoiceOver Utility General

With VoiceOver on your Mac, you can perform tasks, take actions, and do everything you need to do while experiencing a visual impairment. We’ve walked you through the basics like turning VoiceOver on and off, setting up your modifier keys, and working with app windows.

Here, we’re going to explore customizing VoiceOver on your Mac with a tool called VoiceOver Utility. In this one handy spot, you can change the voice, magnify your cursor, and adjust the announcements you hear. And since many of our upcoming VoiceOver how-tos will direct you to this location, it’s good to become familiar with it. Ready? Here’s how to use VoiceOver Utility to customize VoiceOver on Mac.

How to use Siri to control System Preferences on Mac

Hey Siri Enable Do Not Disturb Mac

You can use Siri for all sorts of things on your devices. And on Mac, Siri can come in handy for a variety of tasks as well. You can ask Siri for simple things like the weather, opening an app, or setting up a Calendar event.

But what you probably don’t think to ask Siri for is help with your System Preferences. While it’s not difficult to open System Preferences and find what you need, it can still be accomplished much faster by asking Siri.

To help you take advantage of Siri on your Mac, here are some of the System Preferences you can control with your convenient digital assistant.

How to approve requests and unlock passwords on Mac with Apple Watch

Approve unlock with Apple Watch Mac

The ability to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch has been around since watchOS 3. And you can still use this handy feature when you’re within range of your Mac. But now you can do even more with your Mac and Apple Watch combination as of watchOS 6 including approving requests and viewing passwords.

So, you can approve app downloads, unlock settings in System Preferences, view Safari passwords, and more. Here’s how to approve requests and unlock passwords on Mac with Apple Watch.

New to Mac? Learn the basics of your System Preferences

System Preferences Category on Mac

One of the most important things you need to learn when you’re new to Mac is how to control your system. You have tons of settings and options on macOS from energy saving controls to security settings to gesture options. And all of this resides in your System Preferences.

If you’re new to Mac and haven’t yet taken a tour of these settings, we’re here to help you learn the basics of your System Preferences.

How to find your internal and external Mac IP addresses

Find Mac IP Addresses

Maybe you’re setting up a new network in your home or just need to get your internal IP address for a different reason. You can access this information faster than you think. And just in case you want to know your external IP address too, we’ve got you covered in this tutorial.

Here’s how to find your internal and external Mac IP addresses.

How to see the exact dates when apps and macOS were last updated on your Mac

macOS Installations in System Information Featured

If you’re trying to troubleshoot an issue on your Mac and know when it first occurred, you likely want to get more information about what happened on your system on that particular day (or range of days).

Was it an app update that may have caused the problem? Did something go wrong during the last macOS update?

To help narrow down your search, you can easily check your Mac for all installations and when they occurred. Here’s how to see the exact dates for app and macOS updates on Mac.