Square introduces new card reader developed by Apple’s Lightning plug designer

Square unveiled a new version of its Square Reader accessory today, which is used to input credit and debit cards into the Square app. It says the new Reader is roughly 45% thinner than its predecessor, and is more accurate at reading cards thanks to its new design.

But what makes the new device really interesting is who designed it. According to a report from Wired, Square's new ultra-thin card reader was developed by a team led by Jesse Dorogusker—a former Director of Engineering at Apple and developer of the Lightning plug...

New Square Cash service allows you to send money via email

Square opened up its Square Cash service to the public today, after spending several months in beta. The service allows users in the United States to send money to one another using nothing but an email address and a debit card.

The service is easy to use. Transactions are free, and there's no need to setup an account to process them. Money can be exchanged by sending an email with a dollar amount in the subject line and cash@square.com in the CC field...

Square Register for iOS updated with payment tracking, Bluetooth printer support and more

Even if you're not a Square user, you should pay attention to what the company is doing in the mobile payment space. This is an area Apple has long been rumored to be getting into, expanding on its Passbook app, and if that happens, Square will be among its top competitors.

Having said that, Square updated its popular Register software today, bringing the app to version 3.2. The changes made in the update are fairly significant, and include the ability to track and record a number of various payments types, and [finally] Bluetooth printer support...

Square Wallet redesigned in a major update

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey's mobile payment startup Square has been gaining serious traction, slowly but steadily. Just recently, the company released a stylish Stand accessory which turns your iPad into a full-blown cash register.

Square has also updated its Register app with kitchen tickets and a bunch of new features for restaurants and today their universal Wallet iOS app has received a face-lift and gained several new capabilities in a major 3.0 update...

Payleven teams up with Apple to sell its Chip & PIN card reader

Look out Square and Paypal, Payleven has inked a major deal with Apple to sell its mobile payment solution. The Rocket Internet-backed startup is now selling its Chip & PIN at a number of the company's retail and online stores.

Payleven says it has been talking to Apple about a global distribution deal for several months now, and the two sides only recently reached an agreement. Apparently the company is as protective of its retail stores as it is its App Store...

Square’s stylish Stand accessory taps iPad to reinvent the cash register

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey's other startup, the payment service Square, today announced an interesting hardware dubbed the Square Stand. The all-white stylish accessory lets merchants run their business from an iPad and requires the Square Register iPad app to process payments. The Stand shouldn't be confused with the Business in a Box, Square's $299 (and up) bundle that incorporates an uglier iPad stand, cash drawer and an optional receipt printer...

Square’s Register app gains kitchen tickets, new features for restaurants


Square's Register, the free point of sale app, has been available on the iPhone and iPad since May 2010 and has seen a number of updates since. And with the release of Square's all-in-one $299 iPad POS bundle in February 2012, the Register app gained prominence as the POS solution was designed from the ground up to work wirelessly with the Register app. Today, Square updated the Register software with kitchen tickets and several new ordering features to better server restaurant owners...

Square launches all-in-one iPad POS

If you run a small business such as a grocery store or otherwise deal with cash and credit card payments, you absolutely must have at least a cash register and one or more credit card terminals to process payments. Lucky for you Square has an interesting all-in-one solution that contains everything you need to make a jump into the 21st century.

A missing link in Square's mobile payment offering, the Business in a Box comes with an iPad stand, cash drawer and an optional receipt printer. It all works wirelessly with Square Register, is fully customizable and prices start at $299. Almost makes me wanna start a business just so I could pose behind such a sophisticated point of sale. An inspirational promo video is after the break..

Why Square buying design shop 80/20 matters

News made rounds earlier today that Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey's another startup, Square, just snapped up design shop 80/20. Square makes an awesome iPhone and Android payment solution based on a credit card dongle and it recently teamed up with Starbucks on micro-payments.

Headquartered in New York, 80/20 is renowned for its design work on user interfaces. They did a dashboard for the electric vehicle company Better Place and a sexy fitness-tracking watch for Google's subsidiary Motorola.

Here's why Square and 80/20 are a natural fit, why the deal makes in a greater scheme of things and why you should care...

You’ll soon be able to pay for lattes at Starbucks using Square

Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey last evening announced an interesting partnership with Starbucks, an international coffeehouse chain, that will allow coffee lovers to pay for their lattes via Square's iOS and Android app, as well as its merchant software and the iPhone credit card reader dongle.

Micro-payments will be initially accepted at nearly 7,000 Starbucks locations in the United States. Furthermore, Starbucks will invest millions in Square as part of the company’s Series D financing round. Not bad for a little more than two-year-old mobile payment startup...