Square Wallet redesigned in a major update

Square Wallet 3.0 (iPhone screenshot 002)Square Wallet 3.0 (iPhone screenshot 001)

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s mobile payment startup Square has been gaining serious traction, slowly but steadily. Just recently, the company released a stylish Stand accessory which turns your iPad into a full-blown cash register.

Square has also updated its Register app with kitchen tickets and a bunch of new features for restaurants and today their universal Wallet iOS app has received a face-lift and gained several new capabilities in a major 3.0 update…

Square Wallet 3.0, a complete redesign, features a sleeker and snappier payment experience.

The app is focused on visual information so product images are now much larger. Similarly, the old table view of nearby vendors has been replaced in favor of their logo and product images.

More importantly, mobile transactions have been re-worked for even easier payments. Now the clerk doesn’t even have to swipe your credit card as long as you fire up the app upon entering the store.

This enables the app to talk wirelessly to Square’s Register app for merchants, allowing the cashier to see your name and payment details on the fly.

There’s also a handy Auto Check In option which automatically checks you in, meaning you could be paying with your name without even your the handset out of your pocket.

Square Wallet 3.0 can be downloaded free from the App Store.