Square launches all-in-one iPad POS

Square Business in Box (lifestyle 002)

If you run a small business such as a grocery store or otherwise deal with cash and credit card payments, you absolutely must have at least a cash register and one or more credit card terminals to process payments. Lucky for you Square has an interesting all-in-one solution that contains everything you need to make a jump into the 21st century.

A missing link in Square’s mobile payment offering, the Business in a Box comes with an iPad stand, cash drawer and an optional receipt printer. It all works wirelessly with Square Register, is fully customizable and prices start at $299. Almost makes me wanna start a business just so I could pose behind such a sophisticated point of sale. An inspirational promo video is after the break..

According to Square:

Neighborhood merchants are increasingly adopting Square Register for its simple interface, smart analytics, continuous updates, and low processing fees.

With Business in a Box for Square Register, merchants can now simplify their countertop with an affordable and comprehensive package that includes two Square Readers, an iPad stand, a cash drawer, and an optional receipt printer.

The entry-level $299 Business in a Box includes two Square Readers for credit and debit cards, a Heckler Design WindFall iPad Stand and a APG Vasario 1616 Cash Drawer, but no receipt printer. A higher-priced variant includes a Star Micronics TSP143L Receipt Printer and is available for $599.

Square Business in Box (lifestyle 003)

Here’s Square’s promo clip detailing how Almond Surfboards uses Square Register.

With Business in a Box, Square has just raised water level on its Register platform’s functionality.

Business in a Box, an iPad and an Internet connection (i.e., a Mi-Fi hotspot) is all you need these days to set up a point of sale quickly and easily, sell your warez and be home for dinner.

More information is available at the Square web site.