How to play ambient sounds on HomePod

Did you know you can play various ambient sounds on the HomePod wireless speaker, including nature sounds like raindrops, a crackling fireplace and ocean waves? It's not just for unwinding after a long day but also for those times when you're seeking a subtle audible background for working or focusing. Follow along with iDownloadBlog's quick step-by-step tutorial to learn how to play some random HomePod ambient sounds, and fall asleep to them.

Sonus12 is a minimalist, yet customizable volume HUD for iOS

We feel like we’re beating a dead horse every time we say that the iPhone’s native volume HUD sucks, so we’ll just skim past that line and get right to the point of why you clicked on this post. Say hello to a new jailbreak tweak called Sonus12, a drop-dead gorgeous volume HUD replacement for iPhones and iPads by iOS developer ubik.

Sonus12 is minimalistic by design, which prevents it from obstructing your view when you adjust your handset’s volume level. By default, it appears at the top of the display, and it’s very compact.

What the status lights on an Amazon Echo speaker mean

Amazon Echo

If you use an Amazon smart speaker like the Echo or Echo Dot, you’ll notice a variety of different status lights. But these lights aren’t very helpful if you don’t know what they mean. Does the yellow light keep coming on? Is there a purple light continuously flashing?

To help you decipher what your smart speaker is trying to tell you, here’s a quick rundown of what the status lights on an Amazon Echo speaker mean.