How to delegate emails in Spark to assign tasks to others

Delegated Spark Email Message on Mac

A recent update to the Spark email application brought a cool new feature. You can now delegate emails to your team or employees on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Along with assigning emails to others, you can set due dates and times and keep track of what’s pending and completed.

This is a great new feature if you use Spark for business but is also handy for personal situations. You might want to delegate an email to a family member or friend like reminders for bills due, appointments made, or travel plans.

If you’re interested in this convenient feature, we’ll show you how to delegate emails in Spark to assign tasks to others.

How to create and use Spark email templates on Mac and iPhone

Spark Email Create New Customer Template on Mac

The Spark email app by Readdle has a lot of great features that users find helpful on both iOS and Mac. And, the company recently added one more to the list; email templates. This terrific addition to the app makes composing emails that you create on regular basis much simpler.

This tutorial shows you what’s available and how to use Spark email templates.

How to switch between Light and Dark theme in Spark for Mac

Spark for Mac by Ukrainian developer Readdle is one of the best email apps for iOS and macOS. On Mac, Spark supports Mojave's Dark Mode. But what if you'd like to use Spark's darkened interface even if your Mac is set to use the default Light appearance (aka Aqua)? Spark lets you do that as well, and we show you how in this step-by-step tutorial.

How to set up multiple Spark email signatures on iOS and Mac

Spark Signatures on Mac Featured

If you use Spark as your preferred email application for iOS and Mac, you might use it for both work and personal communications. So, setting up multiple email signatures can save you time and ensure you’re signing your messages correctly.

It’s easy to do and takes just a few minutes to create Spark email signatures and here’s how.

How to configure your Spark email app Smart Inbox

Spark Smart Inbox Settings on iPhone

Spark is a great email solution if you want to move past your default Mail app on iPhone, iPad, or Mac. It offers a host of helpful features and one of them is the Smart Inbox.

The Smart Inbox is a spot in the app that gathers emails from your various accounts and categorizes them for you. This gives you a fast and easy way to zip through your inbox. The key is configuring it to work for you and here’s ways you can do that.

Use these 3 cool Spark email features to save time

Spark on iPhone

If you are considering switching to a third-party app for email, a terrific app to try is Spark. The application is available for iOS and macOS with Apple Watch support, so you can use it on all your devices. Along with that, Spark offers features such as labels and folder management, custom swipes for notifications, and Touch ID inbox protection.

Three additional features of Spark that are real time savers include Quick Replies, Email Scheduling, and Snoozes. Here are how these features work.