You can now use a variety of custom fonts in precise sizes to craft beautiful emails in Spark

The Spark email client now lets you craft eye-catching messages by allowing you to change the font and text size of your emails, Ukrainian developer Readdle announced in a blog post today.

With font support in Spark for iOS and macOS, anyone can use various font types and sizes in the email composer when drafting a new email or response. You will appreciate a long list of fonts and precise sizes to choose from in order to really get your message across.

The new collection of fonts in Spark gives you the ability to highlight certain phrases or points in a different font, making it easier for a busy recipient to peruse them in a single glance. Your emails will stand out from the crowd and help you leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

This works especially great in conjunction with Spark’s rich text formatting.

Aside from charging the font and text size, the Spark composer now includes additional formatting options for adjusting text color and highlighting words and sentences. Readdle says some corporate environments may require a specific family of font to be used in company emails. With Spark, you’ll now be able to write better personal and business messages.

However, some companies choose to filter out emails with custom fonts and HTML styling for security reasons. If that’s your case, take advantage of Spark’s font support elsewhere in the app—i.e. use a custom typeface to tweak your HTML signature in Spark.

HTML signatures with cursive sign-off names are now possible.

Last but not least, the updated email client now makes it possible to set a default font type and size for all your messages—Spark will remember your preferred font/size combination and use it for all future emails. Until the next time you change it, the chosen typeface becomes your default font in Spark to compose new emails or responses.

Spark for iOS and Spark for macOS are available for free in App Store.