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Introducing Our New And Improved RedSn0w Page

The timing almost couldn’t be any better. The Dev Team is working on a new and improved version of RedSn0w, and we just finished our new and improved RedSn0w tutorial page.

The new RedSn0w page includes a comprehensive breakdown of every feature present in RedSn0w. It also includes handy video tutorials to make understanding the tool’s primary features easy to follow.

If you haven’t seen our new RedSn0w page already, check inside for a glimpse of what’s new…

Introducing Our Dedicated iFaith Page

Over the next few months we will be rolling out more dedicated pages for some of the most useful tools our jailbreaking toolbelts. First up for bid is iFaith — the SHSH blob, custom firmware creating, downgrade tool for Windows users.

If you missed yesterday’s post about iFaith, you can find it here. Otherwise, step inside for a look at our dedicated page to iH8Sn0w’s iFaith…

Follow the iDB Team on Twitter!

Do you enjoy reading iDB every day? Do you love reading certain writers or following certain beats?

Like all sites that operate at our scale, it takes a team to make iDB happen on a daily basis. Writers from around the globe contribute to bring you news, reviews, tutorials, and more.

Poll: Should iDB Report Apple Rumors?

Up until Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S last month, the internet was flooded with rumors about the new device. Some rumors turned out to be true, others (most of them) were just plain BS.

We reported on all of these rumors because we thought it was our duty to inform you so that you could make the decision on whether a particular rumor was well founded or not. But by the time Apple showed the iPhone 4S to the world, we were all burned out by the rumor mill. We iDB writers were tired of them all, so we decided not to publish rumors any more.

If you’re a regular reader, you have probably noticed that we haven’t published many rumors lately. We just published the one or two that came from trusted sources, like The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times. Everything else hasn’t made it on iDB.

But for every rumor we don’t publish, we receive a few emails tipping us about those exact stories. We always thought that, like us, you were tired of these rumors, but apparently not, which is why we’d like to get your opinion on the matter…

Say Hello to iDB on Google+

You can already find us on Twitter and Facebook, and now we’re happy to announce that you can follow iDB on Google+.

Earlier today, Google unveiled Google+ Pages, which now gives us the opportunity to create branded pages on Google+. We’re definitely jumping on the bandwagon…

Our Predictions for Tomorrow’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event

Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event is happening tomorrow. It’s been 14 months since the iPhone 4 launch, and we’ve all been itching to hear what Apple has planned next for its incredible smartphone.

The iDB team has given last minute predictions and thoughts about tomorrow’s event. Will there be an iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, or both? What about iOS 5’s top secret “Assistant” feature? Will Steve Jobs grace the stage for “One more thing?”

Check inside for our individual thoughts and predictions on all of these topics and more…

Check Out iDownloadBlog in Cydia’s Help Section

This is a proud moment for the iDB team. Our ultimate guide to jailbreaking has been added as a featured resource in the new Cydia “Upgrade and Jailbreaking Help” section.

We told you yesterday about some changes that saurik and team made in Cydia, including a new Featured section for noteworthy jailbreak tweaks and apps. A new help section aims to answer your questions about jailbreaking, and you’ll find iDB proudly displayed as a resource at your disposal.

Check Out This Awesome iDB Fan Art!

We here at iDB love our readers. You guys are what keep the site running, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have such a large and diverse readership.

We also love it when we get iDB fan art from you, the reader. We’ve got a few examples of some awesome fan art to show you…

iPhoneDownloadBlog is Dead… Long Live iDownloadBlog!

Today is a big day for the iDB Team. After blogging for over 3 years under the domain name, we have decided to make a strategic move and change our name to

As you’ve probably noticed within the past few months, we’ve been widening up our focus from iPhone-related information to everything iOS. There are two reasons for that…

You Could RT Us and Like Us… Now You Can +1 Us

Today Google unveiled +1, the company’s new attempt to doing something in the social space. Similar to Facebook’s Like button, hitting Google’s +1 button is a way of saying “I like this post”, or “check out this article”. In short, clicking +1 will publicly give something your stamp of approval. It can then help friends, contacts, and others on the web find the best stuff when they search.

We just implemented the +1 button on iDB and of course, we want you to use it. You will see the little +1 button on every page of the site, right next to the Twitter and Facebook buttons. Make sure to hit it as much as you want because anything you can do to help spread our iPhone wisdom is much appreciated.

Of course, you can still follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our RSS feed.

Update from MyGreatFest: iDB Official Sponsor and iPad 2 Giveaway

In case you didn’t know, MyGreatFest is a new convention taking place later this year. MyGreatFest is not any normal gathering; it is the world’s first iDevice and jailbreak convention.

We’ve already given you several details about MyGreatFest. The first event will be held this September in London, U.K. The team behind MyGreatFest plans on holding more conferences in the U.S. after the first event takes off.

We here at iDB are proud to announce that we are an official sponsor of MyGreatFest, and we will be bringing you more coverage of the convention as the date approaches.