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Do you enjoy reading iDB every day? Do you love reading certain writers or following certain beats?

Like all sites that operate at our scale, it takes a team to make iDB happen on a daily basis. Writers from around the globe contribute to bring you news, reviews, tutorials, and more.

You’ve always been able to visit our About page to learn more about the personalities that run the site, but we thought that we would give you a friendly reminder to follow our writers on Twitter.

If you really like a certain writer, following him on Twitter is the next step. Twitter is basically the virtual water cooler of the blogosphere, and we bloggers go there to shoot the breeze and give our opinions about the issues we care about.

If you follow the team on Twitter you’re getting much more than just links to breaking posts on the site. Our writers are always on top of the Apple/tech news scene, and you’ll get a glimpse at the kind of people that write what you read every day.

Sebastien Page: @SebastienPage

Sebastien is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of iDownloadBlog. He started the blog back in 2007 when the original iPhone was unveiled, and he’s created a well-respected, widely-read site for jailbreak and Apple news.

On Twitter, you’ll get links to all of the site’s posts as they’re published along with Seb’s commentary on recent news. He also tries his best to answer questions from readers. You’ll also hear plenty about Starbucks, music (he likes Nirvana), and his new baby.

Jeff Benjamin: @JeffBenjam

Most of you will recognize Jeff’s silky smooth voice in the high-quality videos he produces for iDB. As our resident video guru, Jeff creates tutorials, how-to’s, and reviews about everything from jailbreak software to new accessories for the iPhone and iPad. His videos are featured on other major Apple websites frequently.

Jeff’s Twitter activity mainly consists of his video content and commentary with jailbreak developers and other bloggers. He tweets links to articles and videos he finds interesting on the web, and you’ll also hear about his other projects, like Kindle Fire Wire.

Alex Heath: @AlexEHeath

Alex serves as iDB’s copy editor and also contributes articles to the blog daily. He stays on top of the news cycle and helps coordinate posts with other iDB writers. He likes to cover hot topics, like Siri, and he occasionally uses the blog as his platform for opinion pieces on the Apple or jailbreak scene.

On Twitter, Alex tweets a mile a minute throughout the week. He shares interesting articles on Apple news and technology in general. You’ll also get the occasional Instagram photo, joke, and random status about what’s going on in his life. He also tweets links to articles on his personal blog.

Cody Melvin: @melvco

As a staff writer for the site, Cody covers all kinds of news and how-to’s every day. He’s been with the site for a long time, and he enjoys covering the news cycle and occasionally tearing Android apart.

Cody’s activity on Twitter mainly consists of the tech scene, but you’ll also get plenty of commentary about sports and the movies he sees with his girlfriend.

Oliver Haslam: @theiBlog

Oliver is iDB’s resident Brit, and his humor is unmistakable. You can usually tell if you’re reading a post by Oliver if you’ve chuckled to yourself at least once while reading. Since he lives across the pond many time zones away, Oliver usually covers news for the site in the morning.

On Twitter, Oliver stays on top of the Apple beat and occasionally rants about the newest smartphone. You never know what you’re going to get with Oliver, so his Twitter feed is always a surprise.

Zech Yohannes: @zech_t

Zech is the newest addition to the iDB team, and he occasionally contributes news posts on the site. As a full-time student, it’s sometimes difficult for Zech to contribute as much as he’d like, but he stays around to help out when needed.

Zech’s Twitter typically consists of awesome links to YouTube videos and jokes. He has an eye for things that most people never come across, so you’re sure to find some interesting things by following him.

Made sure that you’re also following the site’s official @iDownloadBlog Twitter account for tweets that pertain directly to the site. All of our posts are tweeted out from that account live, and we occasionally do app giveaways there as well.