Check Out iDownloadBlog in Cydia’s Help Section

This is a proud moment for the iDB team. Our ultimate guide to jailbreaking has been added as a featured resource in the new Cydia “Upgrade and Jailbreaking Help” section.

We told you yesterday about some changes that saurik and team made in Cydia, including a new Featured section for noteworthy jailbreak tweaks and apps. A new help section aims to answer your questions about jailbreaking, and you’ll find iDB proudly displayed as a resource at your disposal.

If you navigate from the Cydia homepage on your iPhone or iPad to “Upgrading and Jailbreaking Help” to “Where can I find reliable jailbreaking news and help?” you’ll find iDB. The “News and Help” page is divided into three sections: Jailbreaking News, Jailbreaking Help, and Forums.

Under the Jailbreaking Help section you’ll see our jailbreak page. We’re going to be tweaking the page to make it a better resource for the upcoming iOS 5 jailbreak, so stay tuned for that.

We’d like to thank our readers for making iDB the resource it is today for jailbreakers and Apple fanatics everywhere. We will continue to provide you with news, informed opinions, how-tos, reviews, and insights on everything iOS.

Thanks to saurik’s assistant, Britta, for taking the time to talk with us about the new changes in Cydia. And thanks to saurik for making Cydia an awesome place.