Retina HD Display

More rumors point to 2020 iPhones with ProMotion-style displays

iPhone 11 Pro Max

The latest supply line rumors posted by DigiTimes affirm that some of next year's iPhones will sport displays with refresh rates half again or up to twice as fast as today's models, according to AppleInsider. Whether that means new iPhones will get ProMotion displays or something akin to them remains to be seen.

Rumors of faster iPhone screens first bubbled up over the summer. So this isn't the first time we're hearing about this. It's also important to note that iPhone X models and later already sample input from the display at up to 120 frames per second, but the display frequency refresh of those models has remained at 60Hz.

ProMotion has been a feature of the iPad Pro since 2017. When Apple introduced it it said the technology provided greater responsiveness with reduced latency to provide more fluid and natural drawing capabilities when paired with the Apple Pencil.

To help reduce the battery drain found on other devices with high refresh rates like the Pixel 4, Apple's ProMotion technology can increase the refresh rate on the parts of the screen to only where it's needed.

While ProMotion has been remarkable for its impact on Apple Pencil users, the Pencil isn't supported on iPhones. Yet higher refresh rate displays have other practical benefits, especially for users of games, AR, and other applications that may benefit from greater on-screen responsiveness.

Is the display refresh of your iPhone left you wanting something more akin to a Razer gaming phone? Or is this a nothingburger? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

Pocketdex companion app for Pokémon GO gets Raid Battle tracking & iPhone X support

Pokémon GO players will be delighted to learn that the Pocketdex IV automation app for the iOS platform has received an update on Thursday with new features for tracking nearby Raid Battles and support for Apple’s latest handset, the iPhone X.

Originally released back in mid-July by Majd Alfhaily and Surenix, each prominent developers from the jailbreak community, Pocketdex strives to be a Pokémon Go power-player’s best friend. The app makes it easier to discern your best Pokémon from your worst; merely take a screenshot of the Pokémon in-game, and the app does all the calculations for you before spitting out the Pokémon's individual values (IVs).

iPad @3x assets found in iOS 8.1 hint at Retina HD iPads

The possibility that the iPad Air 2 could get a higher resolution Retina HD screen just got a little more likely. Developer Hamza Sood, who's no stranger to unearthing hidden goodies within Apple's code, revealed some new iPad @3x assets after doing some digging around iOS 8.1. This means that Apple is at least considering a higher resolution "Retina HD" screen for the new iPads.

iPhone 6 display: bigger screen, better pixels

For most people, the first thing that stands out about the new iPhone 6 display is that it's bigger, and with the iPhone 6 Plus, it's a lot bigger. Naturally, this means both screens must have a higher pixel count in order to maintain Retina status, but the real question – are these displays simply bigger, or actually better – still awaits this Friday for an answer. Apple certainly considers them to be better, as they've advertised the new 'Retina HD' display in the iPhone 6 siblings as having higher contrast with wider viewing angles and improved polarization, but the real difference between Retina and Retina HD remains somewhat obscure.

While Retina displays have been in existence for over four years now since they made their first appearance in the iPhone 4, Apple's new Retina HD display seems to greatly improve upon the old formula.