Substitute updated to version 2.0.4 with performance and stability fixes

If you’ve been paying attention to the unc0ver team as of late, then you likely caught wind of the team’s plans in November to release Substitute version 2.0 with significant speed and performance improvements. Substitute is the primary tweak injection method used by the unc0ver jailbreak, which means that it loads user-installed jailbreak tweaks and extensions.

The unc0ver team’s plans were realized just last week after Sam Bingner unleashed the update on his personal repository, which comes pre-added to Cydia out of the box on the unc0ver jailbreak. While the update was somewhat shaky for a small subset of users at first, a couple of smaller subsequent Substitute updates quickly addressed that.

Substitute v2.0 officially released, v2.0.1 also now available

At the end of November, hacker and unc0ver lead developer Pwn20wnd shared a Tweet indicating that Substitute — the primary tweak injection method for this particular jailbreak — would soon be updated to version 2.0 with a trove of improvements.

Without any sort of ETA provided at the time, no one could have guessed when Substitute v2.0 would launch. With that in mind, many unc0ver users were taken by surprise late last night when the update officially became available by way of Sam Bingner’s repository.

Team unc0ver announces plan to launch Substitute v2.0 with speed & performance gains

The unc0ver Team has been extraordinarily silent  despite FreeTheSandbox and ZecOps releasing a new tfp0 exploit with support for iOS & iPadOS versions 13.5.1-13.7recently , but that silence was broken this Sunday evening following a rather intriguing announcement.

The announcement, shared in a Tweet by the unc0ver Team and retweeted by unc0ver lead developer Pwn20wnd reveals exactly what the team has been working on all this time — a reworked version of Substitute:

Hacker 08Tc3wBB plans to share iOS 13.7 exploit with Pwn20wnd

Just last month, hacker and iOS security researcher @08Tc3wBB teased a new exploit that would potentially be viable on iOS and iPadOS 13.6.1. One month later, A.K.A. just two weeks ago, @08Tc3wBB made it known that iOS and iPadOS 13.7 were both vulnerable to this very same exploit. Now, it seems we have confirmation that the exploit would be released for the benefit of the jailbreak community.

In a post shared to /r/jailbreak late last night, @FCE365 (also known as GeoSn0w) appears to question @08Tc3wBB in a direct message about their plans to release the exploit. While we’ve known for some time that @08Tc3wBB planned to release the exploit to the general public at some point, the message reveals the first ever confirmation that it would be shared directly with unc0ver jailbreak lead developer Pwn20wnd:

GitHub reinstates Odyssey Team’s Chimera13 repository following DMCA takedown

Those who’ve been following the CoolStar-led Odyssey Team’s upcoming Odyssey jailbreak for iOS 13 will remember that the tool’s corresponding Chimera13 GitHub page was slapped with a DMCA takedown request at the hands of the unc0ver team just before the tool was expected to be released to the general public.

Both sides have since submitted their parts — the unc0ver team saying that Odyssey used stolen code and the Odyssey Team obviously refuting such claims. As of today, however, it seems that GitHub chose to reinstate the Odyssey Team’s Chimera13 GitHub repository, an evident victory for the Odyssey Team and its following.

How to remove the unc0ver jailbreak without restoring your iPhone or iPad

If your handset is jailbroken with unc0ver and you’ve either decided that you revert to a vanilla version of iOS or that you want to start over with a different jailbreak tool, it’s important to know that the unc0ver jailbreak incorporates a mechanism for rolling your handset back to a pre-jailbroken state.

In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to remove the unc0ver jailbreak and all of its components from your iPhone or iPad. This process is recommended over totally restoring your handset because it will preserve your valuable personal data and ensure that your device can still be jailbroken in the future if you happen to change your mind.

Unc0ver v5.3.1 update auto-removes leftover files from RootlessJB

The unc0ver team released unc0ver v5.3.0 just a few hours ago with support for iOS 12.3-12.3.1 and iOS 12.4.1-12.4.8 on a small number of handsets including the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPad Air 1st generation. For what it’s worth, iOS 12.4.8 is the latest firmware that can be installed on these specific devices, making today’s unc0ver update a particularly significant win for the jailbreak community.

Shortly after the aforementioned release, the unc0ver team pushed a second update to its jailbreak tool, this time dubbed unc0ver v5.3.1. The news was first shared Wednesday afternoon by the unc0ver team via Twitter:

Unc0ver jailbreak updated to v5.2.1 with bug fixes & improvements

Hot off the heels of a heated DMCA battle between the Electra Team and the unc0ver Team Tuesday evening, the unc0ver jailbreak has received its first update in nearly a month, officially bringing the jailbreak tool up to version 5.2.1.

The update was announced via the unc0ver Team’s official Twitter account early Wednesday morning, and from what we can gather, it mostly appears to be a bug fix update.

Odyssey jailbreak GitHub slapped with DMCA claim ahead of release

Jailbreakers who’ve been paying close attention to Twitter and /r/jailbreak over the past couple of days likely witnessed the creation of the official Odyssey Twitter account and a plethora of teasers showcasing the Electra Team’s upcoming iOS 13-centric jailbreak tool in action. As it would seem, however, the energized release is a far cry from being a drama-free one.

Odyssey jailbreak co-developer Hayden Seay, also known by many in this community as Diatrus, took to Twitter Tuesday evening to share that unc0ver lead developer Pwn20wnd had filed a DMCA takedown request targeting the Electra Team’s upcoming Odyssey jailbreak.

Pwn20wnd offers workaround for software update bug in unc0ver v5.0.0-5.0.1

Apple today released iOS & iPadOS 13.5.1 specifically to patch the new kernel exploit that Pwn20wnd incorporated into the unc0ver v5.0.0+ jailbreak tool to support iOS & iPadOS 13.5, making it now more important than ever to avoid updating your device to the latest available firmware if you care whatsoever about being able to customize your handset in an bevy of different ways that otherwise wouldn’t be possible out of the box.

As pointed out this evening by unc0ver lead developer Pwn20wnd, however, it seems that unc0ver versions 5.0.0 and 5.0.1 exhibit a bug in which the option in the unc0ver app for disabling automatic software updates will behave opposite to how users have it configured: