Substitute updated to version 2.0.4 with performance and stability fixes

If you’ve been paying attention to the unc0ver team as of late, then you likely caught wind of the team’s plans in November to release Substitute version 2.0 with significant speed and performance improvements. Substitute is the primary tweak injection method used by the unc0ver jailbreak, which means that it loads user-installed jailbreak tweaks and extensions.

The unc0ver team’s plans were realized just last week after Sam Bingner unleashed the update on his personal repository, which comes pre-added to Cydia out of the box on the unc0ver jailbreak. While the update was somewhat shaky for a small subset of users at first, a couple of smaller subsequent Substitute updates quickly addressed that.

This Wednesday evening, Substitute received yet another update, this time bringing it up to version 2.0.4. Citing the official change log on the depiction page from Bingner’s repository, this update encompasses the following changes:

Changes in Substitute 2.0.4 (1/13/2021)

– Fix a possible crash of sudo
– Inject extensions sooner
– Optimize image lookup in libsubstitute
– Make substitute match dylibs when the FS name does not match the in-memory name

As it would appear, this update implements further fine-tuning that should make Substitute both more stable and performant as it works to load jailbreak tweaks.

Just like the smaller Substitute updates that launches post-version 2.0, Bingner advises anyone who receives unsupported jailbreak error or issues loading jailbreak tweaks after updating to either re-jailbreak with the unc0ver tool after upgrading or run the ‘launchctl reboot userspace’ command to resolve the issue.

If you’re using any other jailbreak besides unc0ver, then this update won’t automatically appear for you upon refreshing your sources. This is because the Chimera and Odyssey jailbreaks use their own proprietary tweak injection methods and the checkra1n jailbreak utilizes Cydia Substrate by default.

Have you upgraded to the latest version of Substitute yet on your jailbroken handset? If so, let us know how it went for you down in the comments section below.