Magnasonic’s pocket-sized LED Pico projector lets you take the big screen anywhere

Magnasonic's new LED Pico Projector is just what you need if you're an on-the-go business person, want to watch movies on your wall, or need a quick way to show off a presentation at work or in class. But the uses don't stop there.

I first saw these little portable LED projectors emerging on the market just a couple of years ago, and I've been itching to try one ever since, but the technology is really coming around to being practical for use and the prices are just starting to become more affordable.

In this review, we'll show you how Magnasonic's new LED Pico Projector works and walk you through all of its features.

This pico projector is smaller than your iPhone 6s

While nothing is a perfect substitute for a full projector, having a miniature, mobile version can really get you out of a spot. It is especially cool if it plays nice with iOS, no special cables needed.

FAVI's J6-LED-PICO projector is a good fit for size and price. Plus, it wirelessly connects to your iPhone 6s using AirPlay so you don't have to invest in additional cables.

Brookstone’s 100-lumen pocket projector is about the size of Apple TV

One of my favorite summer activities involves watching movies in the backyard on a projector with a group of friends. Sometimes, however, you need a projector that super portable and doesn't need to be plugged into a power source to work.

Brookstone makes a 100-lumen pocket projector that is smaller than the average external hard drive and runs for two hours on a rechargeable battery. So, you can throw it into your backpack and take it with you on your next road trip.

Review: RIF6 Cube Projector – a great iPhone companion?

The RIF6 Cube ($269 on Amazon) is a portable DLP projector that’s super-small at only 2”x 2”. You can literally fit this projector in your pocket and then use it to project an image from your iPhone’s screen up to 120”.

The main thing that the RIF6 has going for it is its size, or lack thereof. It’s so incredibly tiny, that it’s hard to believe that it can project anything, let alone a 120” picture.

The small size, though, is both a blessing and a curse for the RIF6. Due to its small size, it’s sub-HD at an 854x480 resolution. It also packs a speaker that features barely audible sound quality.

But I’ve decided that both of these downsides are things that most people will be able to live with, because you’re buying this projector for the incredible sense of portability and flexibility that it brings, not because it packs the latest and greatest features in projector technology.

Watch our video review inside as I highlight the unboxing of the RIF6 Cube, and showcase the basic setup and display capabilities that this svelte little device possesses.

Tronfy TP-50 is a decent portable projector under $90

Pico projectors are hot commodity these days. They are also expensive. However, there are ways to get a decent picture in dark environments for less than $100 if you don't need a lot of high tech specs.

The Tronfy TP-50 mini projector is capable of projecting whatever is showing on your iPhone screen onto a wall, white screen, or even sheet and you won't have to break the bank to get one.

The Cube is a pico projector that will play nice with your iPhone

Sure, the iPhone 6 screen is larger than any previous iPhone model screen, and sure, you can mirror it on your television set for an even bigger viewing experience. But how would you like to watch movies on a 120-inch screen in your backyard?

With the RIF6 Cube you can project your iPhone 6 onto a wall, ceiling, or even a tent in high resolution. Since it is only a two-inch square and has a rechargeable battery, you can even take it with you camping.

Introducing Brookstone’s New Pocket Projector Case for the iPhone 4

On paper, pico projectors seem like the perfect smartphone accessory. Even handsets with 4-inch displays prove to be a bit small when sharing media with multiple people, so a miniature portable projector makes sense.

But who wants to lug around an extra device? Isn't that a major reason people own smartphones — so they don't have to carry around multiple gadgets? Popular retailer Brookstone looks to solve this dilemma with its new Pocket Projector...

Apple Reveals Plans to Incorporate Projectors in Future iDevices

Apple recently caused a commotion in the tech world (I know, shocking) by registering MacRumors pointed out the Cupertino company on the domain's WHOIS listing earlier this month, which naturally raised some eyebrows.

Needless to say, speculation that Apple is working on pico projectors has started to heat up again. Previous patent applications from the iPhone-makers have pointed to projector research, but none of them have been more revealing than this one...

iPhone Video Projector Coming Soon… This Time It’s Official!

We've had our share of rumors and hopes about a mini projector to work with your iPhone or iPod Touch but it seems that something is officially on its way. Engadget reports that Texas Instruments' DLP Pico Projector will launch on December 1st for sale in Apple Stores in Japan. The miniature projector allows you to display a 60-inch 480x320 video image from up to 8.5 feet away.

David Pogue of the NY Times reviewed the device and seems to love it:

You’d have to be a jaded gizmophile indeed not to be impressed the first time you turn on this tiny, shiny black box. In the center of the short end, there’s a very bright light-emitting-diode lamp. Inside, there’s a miniaturized Texas Instruments digital-light-processing (D.L.P.) chip, similar in principle to the ones that drive some full-size HDTV sets. Together, they produce an astonishingly bright, clear, vivid video or still image. That’s right -- from a projector you’ve pulled from your jeans pocket.

The DLP Pico Projector will be priced at about $500 in Japan and there is no word of when this long-awaited device will be available in the US.

Honlai’s QingBar MP101 iPhone projector

Honlai launched the QingBar MP101 that has connectors for the iPhone allowing you to carry all your video files and then have the ability to project them. Just clip your iPhone on top of the MP101 and you’re ready to go.

This mini projector has embedded stereo speaker and can project a picture of 15 to 27 inch display form your iPhone or iPod touch in a 4:3 aspect ratio.