T-Mobile to offer prepaid MasterCard with new smartphone purchases beginning February 1

Beginning Wednesday, February 1, T-Mobile will offer existing and new U.S. customers a prepaid MasterCard with a new smartphone purchase, the carrier announced this morning. The promotion includes every new smartphone that T-Mobile sells, including various iPhone models. In oder to qualify for the deal, you must activate your new smartphone on T-Mobile's ONE or Simple Choice Unlimited 4G LTE plan.

T-Mobile’s new prepaid plan gives you minutes and text messages at $0.10 each

The nation's fourth-largest wireless operator and the sole 'Uncarrier' in the country on Tuesday announced a brand new Pay As You Go prepaid plan which couldn't be simpler: for a $3 per month minimum charge, it gives you minutes and text messages at $0.10 each.

And if you only occasionally use cellular data on the go, the company now gives you an option to subscribe to 500MB of 4G LTE data per day for a flat fee of $5. Should you need more data, there's also a $10 week-long 1GB pass available so now Pay as You Go customers can finally access T-Mobile's speedy LTE network, too...

AT&T’s prepaid GoPhone service expands to tablets, including iPad 3 and iPad mini

AT&T’s prepaid wireless service for smartphones, marketed under the GoPhone moniker, now works with cellular-capable first-generation iPad mini and third-generation iPad with Retina display (also known as iPad 3).

The nation's second-largest wireless operator said Friday that owners of a limited number of  select tablet models can now purchase cellular data on a month-to-month basis, for the first time...

US Apple Stores to begin offering prepaid and month-to-month iPhone plans

According to a new report from 9to5Mac, Apple is preparing to begin offering prepaid and month-to-month iPhone plans in its US retail stores. This will mark the first time in the US that customers will be able to go into an Apple Store, and walk out with a prepaid iPhone.

Customers will be able to purchase an iPhone at full retail, pick from a handful of prepaid or month-to-month plans offered by AT&T, T-Mobile and others, and have it activated in-store. The initiative is part of a larger effort by Apple to bolster non-subsidized iPhone sales...

T-Mobile looking to add iPhone to MetroPCS lineup

T-Mobile is looking to bring the iPhone to its MetroPCS brand in the near future, according to a report from Recode. The outlet recently spoke with the carrier's Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert, who said that they are "very interested in that," and they think that customers would be as well.

It took T-Mobile several years to officially carry Apple's flagship smartphone, due to its higher-priced subsidy and other stringent requirements. And that may prove to be even more of a challenge with Metro, as many of its subscribers many not have the money or credit to finance the device...

AT&T’s new Aio Wireless prepaid brand goes nationwide mid-September

Responding to pressure from T-Mobile, AT&T in May announced Aio Wirelelss. The new wireless prepaid brand features data plans starting as low as $40 a month for 250MB and all the way up to $70 a month for seven gigabytes of high-speed data.

After having tested the service in Florida, Texas and Atlanta markets, AT&T said Friday that Aio Wireless will be available online to everyone beginning mid-September. And to raise awareness, AT&T is planning to give new customers their third month of service free.

More on that after the break...

Radio Shack to start offering Virgin Mobile iPhone 5 tomorrow

We've been hearing for a while now that the iPhone 5, Apple's flagship handset, was on its way to popular Prepaid carrier Virgin Mobile. Last week a report claimed that the device would launch this Friday, and today comes further confirmation of that.

9to5Mac is reporting that it has learned from a reliable source that retail giant Radio Shack will begin offering Virgin Mobile-flavored iPhone 5 models tomorrow. They'll come in both black and white, and start at $499  with the trade-in of a compatible device...

AT&T’s GoPhone prepaid sevice now available on 4G LTE and HSPA+

GoPhone, a prepaid wireless service from U.S. carrier AT&T, used to be a 3G-only affair. But not anymore.

Just like clockwork, the carrier Friday announced that GoPhone customers can now enjoy fast data speeds not only on its third-generation HSPA+ network (unfairly billed as 4G), but also on the fourth-generation Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network.

Compared to 3G, 4G LTE offers ten times higher data throughput. The telco also added Samsung's Galaxy Express to its GoPhone device portfolio and said folks can also bring their own HSPA+ or LTE smartphone...

AT&T reportedly adding iPhone to GoPhone prepaid lineup today

AT&T is reportedly on the verge of significantly expanding the reach of its GoPhone prepaid brand, starting today. The carrier is said to be adding cellular data to the wireless service in both HSPA+ and LTE flavors, as well as official support for the iPhone.

This means that users will be able to activate their existing iPhone (or a new one purchased at full retail) on one of GoPhone's 3 prepaid service plans, which start at $65 per month and include unlimited talking, unlimited texting, and 1GB of cellular data...

AT&T announces Aio Wireless prepaid brand with $35-$70 tiers

While its fierce rival Verizon has chosen to sit on the sidelines and watch T-Mobile regain consumer trust with its newly found 'Uncarrier' business model and no-contract plans, AT&T has jumped on the prepaid bus with a new Aio Wireless brand rounding on T-Mobile’s offering. Just like Sprint’s Boost and Virgin, Aio Wireless is a MVNO wholly owned by AT&T and marketed as a standalone brand.

As we explained last week, Aio (as in 'All In One') is aimed at those eager to avoid committing their soul to AT&T at all cost by opting for a month-to-month service instead. The offering includes $40/$55/$70 tiers (pricing varies by market) with unlimited talk/text and 250MB/2GB/7GB of data.

Aio Wireless also offers Apple's iPhone 5 and a few popular Android and Windows Phone handsets. Go past the fold for more information...

Boost Mobile to begin selling prepaid iPhone later this year

Sprint's popular prepaid provider Boost Mobile will begin offering iPhone models this fall, according to an industry insider who claims to have direct knowledge of the company's plan. If true, it would be the fourth major US prepaid carrier to offer the popular handset.

But this isn't the first time rumors of a Boost Mobile, Apple partnership have surfaced. Last summer, the two were said to be working on a deal to bring the iPhone 4 and 4S to Sprint's network by the fall. Obviously, though, those particular claims never materialized...

Cricket lowers unlimited iPhone plan to $50

Cricket, a subsidiary of Leap Wireless, started offering the iPhone last year. Initially, it was the only prepaid carrier offering the popular smartphone, but it has since been joined by Straight Talk and other low-cost competitors.

So it's no surprise that the wireless provider announced today that it's revamping its iPhone plans, bringing them more inline with its Android plans and the competition. The service now starts at $50 for unlimited everything...