Carriers slashing BlackBerry Z10 by 75 percent in PlayBook-like fiasco

In a move similar to BlackBerry's disastrous PlayBook tablet, carriers and resellers started slashing the price of the Z10 smartphone, launched only months ago. Carriers AT&T and Verizon cut the all-touch handset to $99 from $199. Best Buy and Amazon now sell the device for $49.

Such deep discounts are usually a tell-tale sign of lackluster response (to put it mildly). The Z10 hit US shores on March 22 with a tall order of turning the BlackBerry around and saving the once mighty Canadian vendor from oblivion...

iOS apps running on BlackBerry PlayBook and Windows box


Developer who goes under a code-name "Businesscat2000" posted something really interesting-looking on the CrackBerry forum, an app player of sorts which can run native iOS apps on Research In Motion's BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

The program is demoed runnin a number of popular iOS apps and games, such as Tom Tom, Super Monkey Ball, Tiny Tower, Sushi Cat, iFart and more. It's also available for various other platforms, including Windows. Two more videos are right after the break...

RIM’s backlog hits $1 billion worth of unsold BlackBerrys and PlayBooks

Just as we thought things couldn’t get any worse for the embattled BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, more bad news hits the wires on a daily basis.

It’s been revealed today just how unimpressed customers are with RIM’s current lineup of BlackBerry smartphones and the PlayBook tablet, as these two product categories now commanded a staggering backlog of $1 billion in unsold inventory in the last quarter, up from $618 million a year earlier...

RIM’s Co-CEOs Step Down, Former COO Takes the Helm

Breaking news out of Waterloo, Canada tonight. Research In Motion's Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie have stepped down from their co-CEO roles. The company's former COO, Thorsten Heins, has been tapped as their replacement.

RIM's board of directors and major stock holders have been calling for the move for quite some time now. The company, which was once a major player in the smartphone industry, is now holding on to a dismal 6% of the market...

Analysts are Calling RIM’s PlayBook Another iPad Casualty

Men lie, women lie, numbers don't. Research in Motion once again reported dismal quarterly earnings yesterday that failed to meet Wall Street's, and even the company's own expectations.

Among the disappointing statistics RIM offered up were the number of BlackBerry PlayBooks it shipped (not sold) last quarter. Missing projections by 500,000 units, the company unloaded a mere 200,000 tablets...

BlackBerry PlayBook to Get Email and BBM, Is the iPad Competition Starting to Catch Up?

RIM is set to finally put the finishing touches to its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet – four months after they released it.

Launched as a not-quite-iPad competitor, the PlayBook is a 7" tablet running the Canadian firm's new QNX operating system. QNX is, in fact, so new that it didn't have an email client at launch. Or RIM's unique selling point, BBM. That could all be about to change, as RIM begins to finally fix some, if not all, of the PlayBook's issues...

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Choose iPad Over Playbook (Not the Blackberry Kind)

iPads find their way into all kinds of places, and they're going to be an integral part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' kit when the season begins. The team and its staff got sick of carrying around the old fashioned Yellow Pages-like playbooks of yesteryear. What could they replace them with? Well, iPad 2s of course!

Now, the 90-strong team will each receive an iPad 2 for referencing plays and NFL video archives...

iPad 2 No Longer Must-Have Gadget, Ousted by BlackBerry PlayBook? (Yeah Right)

In what can only be described as a bold claim, and possibly a bit of link bait, voucher site has claimed that Apple's wunder-tablet, the iPad 2, is no longer the must-have gadget.

The new champion? RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook. It's ok, we'll wait for you to pick yourself back up off the floor.

Up? Ok, here's how they come to that rather amazing conclusion...

iPad Top Dog in Enterprise, Android Metaphorical Kitten

In a market that was once dominated by RIM and CrackBerry smartphones, Apple is fast becoming the provider of choice for businesses, according to a new report.

With RIM suffering somewhat of a downturn in sales, Apple's iPhone and iPad are filling the void, with Android currently a smaller player in the world of power ties and pinstripe suits. Apple's iPad is doing so well, in fact, that it made up 95% of tablet activations in the enterprise for the months of March through June of this year, with Android tablets making up just 3.1%...

Android Tablets Gaining on iPad’s Market Share Slowly But Surely

In a market that is growing at an alarming rate, tablet demand is at an all-time high, with Apple's iOS and Google's Android tablet operating systems proving the two main competitors in the space, according to new research.

A report by Strategy Analytics claims that while Apple's iPad is still the number one tablet in town, the iPad saw its market share drop from a staggering 94% to a still impressive 61% for the 2nd quarter, year over year.

Before you start to worry about Apple's sales numbers, it's worth noting that the company still shipped a whopping 9.3 million iPads during that time period...