iPhone XS smacks iPhone 11 Pro in app launching speed test

Apple’s annual iPhone unveiling typically includes the introduction of an all-new SoC with modest speed improvements, with this year’s focus being the A13 Bionic chip. At the Keynote, Apple’s vice president of silicon manufacturing Sri Santhanam said that all mechanisms of the A13 Bionic chip would be nearly 20% faster than its predecessor; but is this the case?

Now that the iPhone 11 Pro is readily available to those who pre-ordered or tried their luck at local retail stores, it should come as no surprise that these numbers are being put to the test. In one example, YouTube personality EverthingApplePro compared the app launching performance of the iPhone 11 Pro to the previous-generation iPhone XS with astonishing results:

Pwn20wnd teases substantial speed and stability improvements in upcoming unc0ver update

Those who’ve been closely subscribed to the jailbreak scene as of late might’ve noticed the sudden stereo silence from team unc0ver following the release of the Electra Team’s Chimera jailbreak for iOS 12.0-12.1.2, but don’t be fooled. Pwn20wnd still works on the unc0ver jailbreak to this day, but he doesn’t push updates as incrementally as before.

In a Tweet shared just this morning, Pwn20wnd said he’s been working on significant updates for both the unc0ver jailbreak tool and Cydia itself. Specific details regarding those updates aren’t yet known, but we do know that they should make things discernably faster and improve system stability:

Sileo Team launches Sileo v1.0.3 with more speed improvements

If you’ve jailbroken your iOS 12.0-12.1.2 handset with the Electra Team’s all-new Chimera jailbreak tool and have been experiencing baffling sluggishness while using the Sileo app, then you might want to pay particular attention to the package manager’s latest update.

The Sileo Team has announced the release Sileo version 1.0.3 for both Chimera and Electra users just this evening via Twitter, an update that strives to boost Sileo’s performance by up to ten times for those who might be using more than 12 repositories at a time:

Manually set your Mac’s cooling fan speeds with Macs Fan Control

If you own an Apple computer, especially a modern one, then you’ve probably come to notice how particularly thin these machines have become. Despite that, most Macs still sport internal cooling fans to keep the CPU and GPU temperatures in check.

By default, Apple’s internal cooling fans run as silently as possible for a quiet user experience, but this isn’t without its caveats. Thinner machines like the MacBook Pro are more susceptible to heat soak because the cooling capabilities of such a compact chassis are limited; this is something you’ve undoubtedly felt while the machine sits on your lap during intensive tasks.

Last Drops 10 lets you bypass your iPhone’s auto-shutdown at critical battery levels

Apple pre-configures iPhones to automatically shut down when the battery level dips below a certain percentage, but many users find this feature more interruptive and bothersome than It’s worth.

With a new free jailbreak tweak called Last Drops 10 by iOS developer Ilia Kambarov, you can make use of every ounce of power stored in your battery; even during those critical moments when your battery hovers around ~1%.