Geolocators on fitness trackers are no longer allowed by US military personnel

Back in January, the Pentagon said it would be reviewing policies that related to geolocators on fitness trackers such as Apple Watch and Fitbit devices. It has now decided to ban the use of that technology on trackers for all deployed military personnel, regardless of their location. The move comes after the popular Strava fitness app may have inadvertently revealed secret locations of security forces around the world.

Pentagon partners with Apple and others on wearable military technology

The Pentagon today announced a massive partnership with Apple, Boeing, Harvard and others on designing gadgets and sensors that could be molded onto the outside of a jet or worn by soldiers on the battlefield, Reuters reported Friday.

Defense official praised the “rapid development of new technologies” by the private sector which often out-innovates the Pentagon's own solutions.

Galaxy S4 cleared for government use, iPhone and iPad to gain approval ‘in the next few weeks’

As Samsung and Apple are bringing the smartphone wars to the Pentagon, the Galaxy maker has drawn first blood as its Galaxy S4 flagship smartphone gets cleared for government use ahead of the iPhone. A security approval from the US Department of Defense (DoD) is a major recognition for Samsung and its new Knox security software as the S4 becomes the first Android smartphone to win a DoD approval.

It wasn't immediately clear what's up with the holdup concerning Apple, but the iPhone and iPad devices should get cleared later this month...