How to save logins and passwords in Firefox and Chrome on Mac

Offer to Save Password Chrome

Many people use different browsers on their Mac. Some use Safari for certain things and another browser like Firefox or Chrome for others. And there are also people who use a different browser than Safari all the time.

If you’re a Firefox or Chrome user, you have the same benefit of saved logins and passwords as you do with Safari. So that you can make the most out of your browsing experience, this tutorial shows you how to use those saved login and password features in Firefox and Chrome.

How to import and export iCloud Keychain passwords

iCloud Keychain Access on Mac

If you’re setting up a new Mac, you can use the Setup Assistant. This will automatically transfer all of your iCloud Keychain passwords for you. But if you don’t use the assistant and want to copy over your passwords, here’s how to export your iCloud Keychain passwords on Mac.

How to quickly get your saved passwords with Siri

Ask Siri For Passwords iPhone

We all have tons and tons of passwords for sites we visit. And if you use iCloud Keychain to save them, you can use Siri to see them. Yes, this is just one more thing to add to your Siri-Can-Do list.

If you need a password in a hurry, instead of navigating to your settings to get it, here’s how to ask Siri to quickly show you your saved passwords.

How to password-protect and export PDFs from Pages, Numbers and Keynote

Set password Pages iPhone

When you’re working with documents, you may need to convert one to a PDF to share it or send it. Whether it’s a report, spreadsheet, or slideshow, the Apple iWork apps let you save it as a PDF.

In addition, you can add password protection. This is ideal for documents that need more security.

For these types of situations, we want to help you not only save your documents in the format you need but keep them safe too. Here’s how to password-protect and export PDFs from Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

Fix: iCloud Keychain not working in Safari

Private Browsing Mode Message iPhone

If you use iCloud Keychain to save your account names and passwords for websites, it makes logging into your favorite sites a breeze. You don’t have to remember tons of passwords and can use iCloud Keychain across your devices. It's a fantastic time-saver, except when you find iCloud Keychain not working. If you're stuck and if Safari isn’t autofilling your account information or details for your credit card, here are a few things to try.

New concept reimagines the process of changing a jailbroken handset’s root password

Anytime you jailbreak an iOS device, one of the first things you’re ever advised to do is change your handset’s root password, which is commonly used to access elevated privileges in mobile terminal when entering complex commands. The password is always “alpine” out of the box, but users can change this to almost anything they want to increase their handset's security from a commonly-known password.

As imperative as changing the root password may be, many jailbreakers either forget to do so or shrug off its importance. For that reason, we’re particularly fond of a sleek concept that was shared to /r/jailbreak over the weekend that rethinks the way jailbreakers will interact with their root password after jailbreaking their handset for the first time.

RememBear is the highly-rated app that solves your password problems

In a world where shopping, banking, subscriptions, takeout, and pretty much everything else has been taken over by the Internet, the idea of remembering dozens of passwords at any given moment is exhausting. What's worse, clicking the "I forgot my password" button at login and going through the motions of resetting it is tedious if not frustrating. Luckily, there's an app that can help.

How to view iCloud Keychain passwords on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Enter Password on Mac to View Passwords

If you use iCloud Keychain to store and remember passwords, there may come a time when you need or want to view a particular password. Maybe you need it to log in on another device that doesn’t have Keychain or perhaps you are setting up a new password manager and need those details.

Whatever the case, here’s how to view iCloud Keychain passwords on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Scribble brings drawing-based passcodes to your jailbroken device

Modern-day iOS devices come equipped with advanced forms of biometric authentication right out of the box, such as Face ID or Touch ID, but you can still resort to an alphanumeric or numeric passcode if you wanted to.

It might seem counterproductive to do such a thing given just how fast and zippy Face ID and Touch ID have become, but a new jailbreak tweak release called Scribble by iOS developer Boo is sure to make you actually want to use your passcode interface over biometric authentication.

How to encrypt and password protect folders on Mac

Enter password for disk image Mac

Even if you’re the only user on your Mac, there’s nothing wrong with adding an extra layer of security. You may have files within folders that contain sensitive information. Or maybe you do share your Mac with others in your household and have private items that you don’t want anyone to accidentally come across.

With this in mind, you can encrypt and password protect folders like this on your Mac and here’s how.

What to do if you forgot your Apple ID or password

Apple ID Account Website Log In

Your Apple ID is the key to all Apple services. You use it on your iOS device and your Mac. You log in with it to iCloud, FaceTime, Calendar, iTunes, the Apple Store, and more. So, what happens if you forget it or the password for it?

There are actually many things you can do, whether you own one Apple device or many. Here’s what to do if you forgot your Apple ID or password.