North Carolina

Apple to build renewable energy facility in North Carolina that converts gas into electricity

The Board of Commissioners of Catawba County approved a new lease agreement on Monday that would permit Apple to build a renewable energy facility which uses fuel cells to generate electricity from the gas, Hickory Record said today. The lease provides the Cupertino firm with about 3.7 acres on the Blackburn Resource Recovery Facility in Newton.

Apple reaches deal to build third solar farm in North Carolina

The Hickory Daily Record is reporting that Apple has recached a deal with¬†the city council of Claremont, North Carolina to purchase land for a new solar panel farm. This will be the company’s third solar farm in the Maiden area.

According to the report, Apple will be annexing 100-acres for the new array and will be making an initial investment of $55 million. The solar farm will generate 17.5 megawatts of¬†power for its massive North Carolina¬†data center…

Apple buys 200 acres in North Carolina for second solar farm

According to a new report today, Apple just laid out $3 million to purchase 200 acres of land in North Carolina near its Maiden data center for a second major solar farm.

As you may recall, Apple is nearing completion of its first 20-megawatt solar farm just across the street from its North Carolina campus, which is the largest of its kind…

iCloud solar farm is nearly complete

Interesting new aerial shots of Apple’s $1 billion iCloud data center in Maiden, North Carolina show that the company’s 100-acre solar farm is nearly complete. Filed as the nation’s¬†largest end-user owned solar energy farm¬†(take that, Greenpeace!), it will provide 20 megawatts of power when completed.

Thanks to these new aerial shots, we can now tell just how massive the facility is going to be. Compared to images take from an airplane on August 2, these new photos indicate that the solar farm is getting close to being completed…

Photos of Apple’s NC campus show solar farm and new tactical data center

The sneaky folks over at Wired just flew a 1949 Piper PA-11 (Cub Special) aircraft over Apple’s Maiden, North Carolina campus to see what the old Cupertino company was up to. And apparently, it’s building stuff.

The publication’s “iSpy Plane” managed to grab photos of a number of new structures on the campus, including Apple’s 100-acre solar farm, and its mysterious “tactical data center” we learned about last month…

Apple building mysterious new tactical data center in North Carolina

Apple is moving forward with plans to build a new, smaller data center next to the existing $1 billion iCloud facility in Maiden, North Carolina. The company has just filed for building permits, a story today revealed.

The upcoming¬†20,000 square feet facility will have tight security measures, such as “man trap” security doors and¬†chain-link security fence, and will be¬†t-boned to the existing iCloud facility. Official documents refer to it as the ‘tactical’ data center, whatever that’s supposed to mean…