Inside JailbreakCon’s massive 13,500 square foot venue

As most of you know, JailbreakCon, the world's largest jailbreak conference, will be taking place in the USA later this year. Hackers, developers and enthusiasts will all gather in San Francisco on September 29th to talk about, what else, jailbreaking.

And for those of you that are under the impression that this is going to be just a tiny get-together, think again. The WWJC (WorldWide Jailbreak Convention) crew just posted a video of a tour inside the convention's massive 13,500 square foot venue...

JailbreakCon 2012 slated for September 29th with several high-profile speakers

The folks behind MyGreatFest, the world's first jailbreaking convention, have just announced that they have confirmed the date and location for its 2012 event: JailbreakCon.

Jailbreakers, tweak developers and iOS hackers will be gathering at the South San Francisco Conference Center in — you guessed it — San Francisco, California, on September 29th.

And wait until you see this list of guest speakers...

New JailbreakCon website now online

Last Summer marked the world's first ever jailbreak convention, MyGreatFest. Taking place in London, UK, the conference allowed hackers, developers, and fans to hang out and talk about one of their common passions — jailbreaking.

With appearances from the Chronic Dev Team, Saurik and other notable speakers, the first conference was a resounding success. And now under its new name, JailbreakCon, the team is looking to build on that success with a USA-based event...

Watch JailbreakCon, Formerly MyGreatFest, Online

JailbreakCon, formerly known as MyGreatFest, was the world's first jailbreak convention held in London this past weekend. Speakers like saurik and members of the Chronic Dev Team spoke on the state of jailbreaking, and other prominent developers from the community shared insights into different aspects of the jailbreak world.

We gave you coverage of what you missed at the last JailbreakCon, but many of you have wanted to watch videos of the presentations. Good news: the video of the entire event has been posted online...

MyGreatFest — A Roundup of Everything You Missed

MyGreatFest, the world's first jailbreak convention, was held earlier today in London. The event featured presentations from prominent figures in the jailbreak community, including saurik and members of the Chronic Dev Team.

The convention featured 6 main keynotes with an array of speakers. We've collected some of the highlights from MyGreatFest for those that weren't able to tune into the livestream...

Saurik, the Father of Cydia, Talks About the State of Cydia and Jailbreaking at MyGreatFest

Jay Freeman, a.k.a. "saurik," took the stage at MyGreatFest, the world's first jailbreak convention, to talk about his hugely successful jailbreak store known as Cydia. As the father of Cydia and the most prominent figure in the jailbreaking community, Freeman shared insight into the history and future of Cydia and jailbreaking.

We've collected some highlights and quotes from Freeman's talk at MyGreatFest...

The Chronic Dev Team Talks iPhone 5 Jailbreak and New Exploits at MyGreatFest

P0sixninja and iOPK took that stage at MyGreatFest earlier today to talk about the Chronic Dev Team and jailbreaking. Chronic Dev frontman Joshua Hill (p0sixninja) had some important announcements to make, including the news that the team has found a record breaking 5 new exploits for an iPhone 5 and iPad 2 jailbreak.

The Chronic Dev Team is ready to jailbreak the iPhone 5 with the new exploits that have been discovered, and the exploits already work on the iPad 2...

MyGreatFest, the World’s First Jailbreak Convention, Starts Tomorrow – Here’s the Details

We originally told you about MyGreatFest, the world's first jailbreak convention, earlier this year. We watched the convention progress from a dream to reality, with speakers like Saurik, P0sixninja, and other great minds from the jailbreak community slated to give presentations.

MyGreatFest starts tomorrow in London, UK at The Old Truman Brewery. Some of you have already told us that you will be attending, but if you're not going to be able to make it across the pond to attend in person, we've got good news: the convention will be streamed online for free!

MyGreatFest Confirms P0sixninja as Speaker for London Event, MuscleNerd for USA

Things are shaping up very nicely for the world's first jailbreak and iDevice convention. MyGreatFest will hold its first gathering this September in London, U.K. for fellow geeks and the iDevice community.

Among other prominent speakers, like Jay "saurik" Freeman himself, the MyGrestFest team has managed to snag famed hacker and Chronic Dev Team member, Joshua Hill (P0sixninja) as a speaker for the upcoming event. The jailbreak and unlock wizard, MusceNerd, has also been confirmed as the keynote speaker for MyGreatFest's event next year in the United States.

MyGreatFest Update: Donation Fund for P0sixninja and iPad 2 Giveaway

We've told you about the world's first jailbreak and iOS convention, MyGreatFest. The event will take place this September in London, U.K. and will be a convention for the jailbreak and iDevice community.

Speakers like the creator of Cydia, saurik, and other prominent members of the jailbreak community are already scheduled to speak at MyGrestFest, and now famed jailbreak dev P0sixninja has expressed interest in attending September's event...

Jailbreak Meetups Coming to Your Area?

We've told you about MyGreatFest, the jailbreaking event that will allow thousand of iDevice hackers to congregate. It looks like the folks over at ModMyi also see jailbreaking as a great way for folks to connect.

It appears they are using, a website geared to help organize a local group or find one in your area, as a vehicle for this endeavor. From Tampa, Florida to Everett, Washington, these 'meetups' between jailbreakers have already started to take place...

Tour of MyGreatFest Venue, World’s 1st iDevice Convention Will Take Place on September 17th

The folks at MyGreatFest will be holding the world's first iDevice/jailbreak convention later this year in London, UK. Craig and the rest of the planning team have been working extremely hard over the past months to create the ultimate convention experience for jailbreak and iDevice enthusiasts.

The details for September's convention are shaping up nicely, and there is now a video tour of the venue. The Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane in London will be where speakers like the creator of Cydia, saurik, present talks and presentations to fellow geeks.