The Cydia Developer Directory: Find Dev Info and Tweaks Quickly

With thousands of tweaks and utilities available in Cydia, it’s easy to forget who’s behind them — the developers. These folks are extremely talented, and they provide us with all kinds of tools that make our iDevices a lot more useful.

So ModMyi has just designed a new directory, specifically for jailbreak developers, to allow users to track down their favorite programmers. The portal provides information about the app-makers and links to all of their work…

Add Custom Boot Sounds to Your iPhone With ‘iStartupSound’

Let’s face it, the iPhone’s lack of boot jingles is a bit on the boring side. Every phone that I can ever remember has had some sort of nifty boot jingle, but the iPhone? Nada.

That’s about to change with the advent of the upcoming iStartupSound, which will be a free jailbreak tweak available soon on the ModMyi Repo.

Want to hear it in action? Check inside for the audible goodness…

Rock Out With Air Guitar Move for the iPhone

Frequent iDB readers know how much we love featuring iPhone-related innovations. Inventors have really pushed the envelope of the device’s capabilities, turning it into anything from a 360-degree video camera, to a remote control for RC airplanes.

This new accessory may not necessarily blow your mind, but it might just blow your ear drums. It’s based on the classic “air guitar” dance and promises to use your iPhone to turn those arm-flailing, head-banging motions into actual music…

Charge Your iPhone With a Campfire

Camping is a national pastime here in the states. Every summer, thousands of tourists flock to national parks and other campgrounds to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather.

For some folks, camping is a getaway from technology, so they’re not looking for a way to charge their iPhone out in the wilderness. But for iDevice users who insist that their gadgets must accompany them into the woods, here’s the Hatsuden-Nabe USB charger…

KeyVibrate – Native Haptic Feedback Anyone?

Though the iPhone’s virtual keyboard has been named one of the best in the business, it still lacks a fairly major feature: haptic feedback. The little vibration that lets you know a key has been pressed is on nearly every other touchscreen smartphone on the market, but not the iPhone.

Luckily we have the jailbreak community to produce apps and tweaks that makeup for iOS shortcomings. Though there have been haptic feedback utilities in Cydia for quite some time now, they’ve never really impressed me. They always seemed to make iOS slower and less reliable, until now…

UnFolder – Delete Entire Folders with a Single Tap

Getting rid of a folder can be quite time consuming, depending on how many applications it contains. If there are just 2 or 3 apps then it isn’t that bad, but 5 or more can get pretty tedious.

That’s because to delete a folder, you must first drag every application from the folder back to the home screen. After the last app is removed, the folder deletes itself. A new utility is coming to Cydia though, that could change all of that…

Interview with Peter Hajas- MobileNotifer Beta4 and Widge

Peter Hajas is the genius behind a different take on the iOS push notification system called MobileNotifer. He’s a prominent figure in the jailbreak community with a wonderful, open-source philosophy on software.

In a recent interview with Joshua Tucker of ModMyi, Peter sat down and talked about some interesting developments. His amazing iOS notification replacement for jailbreakers, MobileNotifer, is entering its fourth beta with some awesome new features. Peter also talked about a very interesting new jailbreak project called “Widge.”

Check out the full, 15 minute interview after the break…

Paper Phone Demo Could Hint at Future Smartphone Technology

Twenty years ago, I think most of figured we’d be living like the Jetsons by now. But flying cars are few and far between, and the closest thing we have to our own personal robot maid is the Roomba vacuum.

However, there is some neat stuff on the horizon, and this prototype by Roel Vertegaal is certainly proof of that. He is debuting his “Paper Phone” at the Association for Computing Machinery’s Computer Human Interaction conference next week. Folks planning to be in attendance should preset their faces to stunned…

Jailbreak Meetups Coming to Your Area?

We’ve told you about MyGreatFest, the jailbreaking event that will allow thousand of iDevice hackers to congregate. It looks like the folks over at ModMyi also see jailbreaking as a great way for folks to connect.

It appears they are using, a website geared to help organize a local group or find one in your area, as a vehicle for this endeavor. From Tampa, Florida to Everett, Washington, these ‘meetups’ between jailbreakers have already started to take place…

Troubleshooting Cydia: Problems with Broken Repos

I had a scary experience last night. As I was searching for a certain tweak in Cydia, I noticed that I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for. So I searched for a few more apps and tweaks, and I kept getting no results. I thought about it for a minute, and then realized that every item I had searched for was from the BigBoss repo.

I’ve recently upgraded to the iOS 4.3.1 jailbreak, and I haven’t gotten to play around with my main iPhone setup that much yet.

To my surprise, the BigBoss repo was broken in Cydia. BigBoss is a pre-installed repo in Cydia, so it’s very odd that it wasn’t working. The good news is that there’s a way to re-add default Cydia repos without re-jailbreaking the iPhone…

Apple Once Again Sends Jailbreak Community a Direct Message

A few days ago, we reported that Scion, a subsidiary of Toyota, was trying to break into the jailbreak scene with innovative marketing methods. They were the first major corporation to direct positive attention to the community, since its inception in 2007.

This was exciting for a couple of reasons. First, a major corporation advertising in Cydia certainly made jailbreaking seem more legitimate. It also meant that other companies might follow Scion’s lead.

Multiple major brand names marketing to jailbroken devices would have meant more recognition and credibility to the community as a whole. It appears that the silence from Apple was too good to be true. ModMyi is reporting today that they were asked by Apple to remove the Scion theme from their Cydia repo….

Jailbreakers to Become New Targets for Major Corporate Marketing?

Since its inception, there was a dark cloud hovering over the jailbreak scene. People feared legal ramifications from Apple for “hacking” their iDevices, similar to what GeoHot is involved in with Sony. That all changed last summer when the government made an announcement that jailbreaking was legal by U.S. law.

Here we are, almost a year after the official statement, and the community is as big as ever. Saurik, the mastermind behind Cydia, estimates that there are between 10-15 million jailbroken devices in the wild. ModMyi founder Kyle Matthews shared a few other interesting statistics this morning about the iDevice hacking community that should catch the attention of major marketing firms….