Rock Out With Air Guitar Move for the iPhone

Frequent iDB readers know how much we love featuring iPhone-related innovations. Inventors have really pushed the envelope of the device’s capabilities, turning it into anything from a 360-degree video camera, to a remote control for RC airplanes.

This new accessory may not necessarily blow your mind, but it might just blow your ear drums. It’s based on the classic “air guitar” dance and promises to use your iPhone to turn those arm-flailing, head-banging motions into actual music…

The Air Guitar Move for the iPhone uses a motion sensing guitar pick and an accompanying application to convert your movements into sounds. The accessory connects to the iPhone via its 30-pin dock connector.

Air Guitar Move comes bundled with two free applications. The first one is a free play mode, which allows you create your own music by combining screen taps and air strums. The 2nd app is an arcade title, similar to Guitar Hero, where you play along to preinstalled tracks.


As typical with these kind of home-grown inventions, the project needs funding to start mass production. The developers have taken to the popular fundraising site, Kickstarter, to try and spur up $25,000.00 worth of donations.

The cool thing is, if you pledge $39.00 or more, you’ll get an Air Guitar Move as soon as they become available for shipping. Not a bad deal considering expected retail is $50.00.

It’s a neat idea, but 50 bucks is kind of steep for such limited functionality. Call me when I can connect this thing to Garage Band.

Would you grab an Air Guitar Move?