What to Do with Your Old MobileMe Account

Mobile is Dead, Long Live iCloud!

MobileMe is dead and iCloud is the new king of the syncing and online storage lands, but what happens to your old MobileMe account? According to Apple, "if you had an active MobileMe account, your service has been automatically extended through June 30, 2012, at no additional charge. After this, the MobileMe service will no longer be available."

Apple Introduces iCloud

It's finally here, folks! Apple has introduced and detailed the mysterious iCloud. Steve Jobs himself says that iCloud is something the company has been working on for 10 years, and iCloud has totally replaced MobileMe and added new services, such as Photo Stream.

Details below!

iCloud More iTunes Than MobileMe?

We're less than 24 hours away from the big opening to WWDC 2011 now, and the rumors are still flying as to what we will and won't see when Steve Jobs puts sneaker to stage at the Moscone Center. The latest buzz comes courtesy of Apple fanboy and tech pundit John Gruber, with the Daring Fireball himself sharing his thoughts on tomorrow's announcements.

The full post goes on for a good few hundred words and re-hashes much of what the community has already speculated over the last week or so, but with one considerable exception. According to Gruber's fourth-hand information, we shouldn't be thinking of Apple's iCloud as the new MobileMe, but rather the new iTunes. Intrigued? So were we...

Everything You Need to Know About the Mysterious iCloud

Apple issued a very unusual press release earlier today that outlined what would be announced at the World Wide Developer's Conference next Monday, June 6th. Steve Jobs will be speaking and talking about Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5, and the newly-confirmed 'iCloud' service.

Apple's press release was unusual because it was oddly descriptive. Even though nothing was actually said about iCloud, Apple still bothered to state that iCloud, an unreleased product, would be part of the WWDC lineup.

When has Apple ever stated the name of an unreleased product in a press release? Why would the company do so?

Wait Until After WWDC to Renew Your MobileMe Subscription

If you've been contemplating the $99/year renewal of your MobileMe account, you should probably hold off for a little while longer. Unless you're totally reliant on MobileMe and your account is about to expire, wait until after WWDC next week.

Apple is planning on doing something big with its cloud services, and MobileMe will most definitely be a piece of the puzzle. The MobileMe features that you use now (email services, calendar sync, etc.) will most likely be free services from Apple very soon...

Safari “Reading List” in Mac OS X Lion Will Wirelessly Sync Bookmarks with iOS Devices

Apple's next version of their desktop operating system, Mac OS X Lion, is nearing the final stages of developer beta testing. It is suspected that Apple will release the new OS to Mac users this summer.

More and more features are being uncovered in the developer builds of OS X Lion, and a recent finding points to a cloud-synced bookmark feature in Apple's browser, Safari. The new "Reading List" feature in OS X Lion will allow users to wirelessly sync their bookmarked webpages with iOS devices.

This would allow you to easily take your bookmarked pages with you on the go...

MobileMe Enters Lame Duck Status as Amazon Halts Sales

So long MobileMe, it wasn't nice knowing ya.

You were overpriced, you didn't do much, and there were many other cloud services that simply did it better. Good riddance.

If you're feeling like I'm feeling, then the revelation that Amazon has halted orders of MobileMe sales is music to your ears.

Speaking of music, the worst kept secret in the industry will likely be replacing MobileMe as an all in one service that does music, document sharing, and more. Yep, I'm talking about iCloud...

Apple Did Buy


According to anonymous sources cited by All Things Digital, Apple has indeed purchased the domain.

Earlier this week, GigaOM reported that Apple had allegedly purchased from Xcerion for the sum of $4.5 million. Apple is rumored to be announcing a major revamp to its current MobileMe cloud service at this summer's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Although All Things D confirms that the purchase was made, its sources declined to confirm the rumored $4.5 million purchase price. 

Apple’s New Cloud Service to be Called iCloud?

Apple has allegedly bought for the sum of $4.5 million. The domain was previously owned by Xcerion's cloud service that has now been rebranded to be called CloudMe.

A major revamp of Apple's current cloud service, MobileMe, is expected to launch at WWDC this summer. Apple has also been talking with major record labels for the purpose of introducing a cloud-based media locker for customers.

Apple Job Posting Confirms Cloud-Based Services

We've reported about the rumored MobileMe revamp and possible digital locker feature multiple times. It looks like if you are really concerned with what Apple's new cloud-based services will look like, you can go give them your input first hand.

This afternoon, a BGR reader spotted an Apple job listing requesting a Cloud Systems Software Engineer. The position is for a spot on a small team of programmers looking to form the foundation of new Apple products and services...

Apple Orders 12 Petabytes for Cloud-Based iTunes, MobileMe?

Apple's plans for their MobileMe revamp and cloud-based media services are starting to take shape. Although no official announcement regarding either of the services has been made, we are almost positive we will see them at some point this year.

Apple's been relatively quiet about the purposed functions, but tech blogs are happily churning out rumors and speculation on the upcoming features. The latest gossip is that Apple has ordered as much as 12 Petabytes, which is equal to about 1000 Terabytes, from a global leader in scale-out storage services. What could they be planning?

iOS 5 Pushed Back to the Fall, Preview at WWDC

Some news has surfaced concerning iOS 5 and Apple's roadmap for the coming year. According to M.G. Siegler of TechCrunch, Apple is going to push back the release of iOS 5.0 to this fall, and the iPhone 5 will launch with a version of iOS 4.x.

Speculation has been that Apple would hold a media event next month for an iOS 5 preview and MobileMe revamp, but TechCrunch's sources claim otherwise...