How to set up parental controls on Kindle Paperwhite

Reading Kindle Paperwhite

If you purchase a Kindle Paperwhite for your child to enjoy reading books, you may want to make a few adjustments. Depending on your child’s age, you can enable parental controls with a password. Then, allow or disallow specific settings, create Kindle FreeTime, choose books for them to read, and more.

Here’s how to set up the parental controls on your Kindle Paperwhite.

The best coloring apps for adults and kids on Mac

Epic Coloring Book for Adults on Mac

For adults, coloring can be a nice stress relief and for kids, coloring is a fun way to get creative. We’ve shown you some awesome coloring book apps for iPhone and iPad, but what about Mac?

Maybe you want a short relaxing break from your workday without delving into an involved game. Maybe you want to let your child enjoy some computer time with something artistic. These coloring apps for both adults and kids let you all have a bit of fun on the computer.

The best free language learning apps for kids on iPhone and iPad

Language Learning Apps Kids - Endless Spanish

Learning a new language isn’t just a great way to continue our education and knowledge as adults but is a wonderful way to help our children too. Maybe you have a bilingual household or live in an area where more than one dialect is common.

By helping your child learn a new language when they’re young, you’re giving them the foundation to be well-rounded adults. Plus, you’re assisting them with communication skills and knowledge that last a lifetime.

These language learning apps for kids are similar to other educational apps in that they make learning fun. And we know that when learning is enjoyable, children are more apt to take an interest in the topic and want to learn. So, let’s get to the list!

A new “Apple for Kids” section is now available on the Apple Support website

A screenshot showing the “Apple for Kids” portal on the Apple Support website.

Apple has published a new section on its dedicated support website that's completely dedicated to parents, featuring helpful resources about related features such as parental controls, Ask to Buy, Family Sharing, Apple Cash Family, Screen Time and so forth.


A new support portal for parents. It provides links to existing resources. Parental controls and more are included.

A useful resource for parents

Found at, it includes relevant links to Apple's existing support resources, making it a one-stop-shop for parents managing kids' Apple experiences.

At the very top, you get links for managing your family group with the Family Sharing feature, including setting up the feature on the child's device. Further down the webpage, you'll find relevant links for setting up Apple Cash Family so you can send cash to a child. Parents will also find links leading to Apple's support instructions detailing how to turn on Ask to Buy.

→ How to chat live with Apple Support

With the Ask to Buy feature enabled, your kids have the freedom to make their own choices while still controlling their spending. The family organizer can use their own device to approve or decline these Ask to Buy requests from a notification. For example, if a child wants to buy an app, the family approver can see the app and decide whether to allow it.

This feature is on by default for any children under 13.

Other sub-sections on the webpage provide links to set up Apple devices, including configuring an Apple Watch for a family member without an ‌iPhone‌, using Family Setup, as well as prevent unwanted in-app purchases, set limit for kids with Screen Time and more.

The best music apps for kids on iPhone and iPad

Music Apps for Kids

Plenty of things have changed since we were kids. But one thing that hasn’t is that children love music. Dancing and singing along to their favorite tunes is fun. And just because song lyrics might not be quite as, well, wholesome (for lack of a better word) as they used to be, you can still find songs that are appropriate for your child.

These music apps are made just for kids. The tunes are upbeat, lively, and don’t contain nasty words or innuendos. So if you’re looking for a safe music app that you can let your child enjoy, check out this list of music apps for kids on iPhone and iPad.

The best AR apps for kids on iPhone and iPad

AR Apps for Kids - Thomas and Friends Minis

Augmented reality apps are just cool. And we’ve shown you some educational AR apps along with those to help you spruce up your living space. So why not let the kiddos in on the fun?

Here are some terrific iPhone and iPad AR apps for kids. They let your little one experience technology in a unique way with objects and characters they feel like they can reach out and touch. Heck, you might have as much fun with these apps as they do!

How to create an Apple ID for your child for Family Sharing

Create a Child Account on iPhone

If you have a young child who you’d like to include in your Family Sharing group, they need their own Apple ID. Maybe you’d like to share apps with them, let them use to your Apple Music subscription, or bought a new HomePod Mini for their room for intercom use.

Children under the age of 13 (age varies by country/region) cannot create their own Apple ID. But you, as the family organizer for your Family Sharing group, can create one for them.

The best apps for kids to learn sight words on iPhone and iPad

Apps for Sight Words - Phonics Reading

Teaching children to recognize sight words is important when they’re just learning to read. Knowing those common words that they can spot easily and not have to sound out helps them focus on tougher words.

For helping the youngster in your life, you can download sight word apps for iPhone and iPad. These digital tools can reinforce what they learn from you and their teachers. Plus, apps like these give them fun and entertaining ways to learn, which makes education more interesting.

Take a look at this list of apps for kids to learn sight words and see which one or more you think your child would enjoy!

The best apps for tracing letters on iPhone and iPad

Apps for tracing letters - ABC for Toddlers

When you’re little one is ready to start learning to write, fun and entertaining apps can help. Colorful shapes, cute characters, and enjoyable sounds can make learning more interesting for kids. These letter tracing apps for iPhone and iPad are terrific tools to encourage your child to learn the alphabet and write each letter correctly.

How to set up Apple Cash Family on iPhone

Apple Cash Family Start Now

For rewarding your child, giving them their allowance, and letting them make a purchase, you can use Apple Cash Family. This feature arrived with iOS 14 as a way for parents to digitally send money to their children and teens.

This is convenient for families who don’t walk around with wads of cash, whose kids use their money for apps or games, or spend money in stores; all with their parent’s permission of course. Here, we’ll show you the requirements for using and how to set up Apple Cash Family.