Kevin Lynch

How Apple Watch was researched and developed

Kevin Lynch, who was a former Adobe executive in charge of the Flash platform before Apple poached him to lead Watch software development as its Vice President of Technology, has shared a number of interesting tidbits related to the years of Watch research and development in an extensive piece published by Wired on Thursday.

Apparently, Jony Ive and his design team presented an idea for a wrist-worn device during one of design meetings for iOS 7. Lynch, who was hired after the project was already underway, didn't even know what he would be working on at Apple.

The team spent more than a year adjusting the device's Taptic Engine to feel just right on your wrist, even sampling sounds from bell clappers and birds to lightsabers in an effort to turn them into physical sensations. And the device itself underwent many prototypes and iterations before Apple's Board signed off on it.

Apple may have tasked former Adobe Flash expert with iWatch work

Last month, news broke that Apple hired Adobe's former Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch as its new VP of technology, reporting directly to Bob Mansfield who heads the new Technologies unit combining Apple's wireless and semiconductor teams. iDB, along with many other news outlets, opined how out of character the hiring evidently was given Lynch's history of public criticism of Apple's stance on Flash. According to a new report, the ex-Adobe exec may now be a part of the engineering group that's been developing a rumored Apple smartwatch project...

Clips of Adobe’s lambasting of iPhone over Flash haunt Apple’s new VP Kevin Lynch!

Conspiracy theorists had a field day with yesterday's confirmation that Kevin Lynch, Adobe's Chief Technology Officer, will soon be taking an executive role at Apple, joining the iPhone maker as its VP of Technology and reporting directly to Apple's SVP of Technologies Bob Mansfield. Lynch joined Adobe after the Photoshop maker snapped up Macromedia in 2005. Macromedia originally developed Flash technology and Lynch has been instrumental in its continuing development at Adobe.

By the virtue of his job, Lynch had to cross swords with Apple as the Cupertino firm refused to support Flash for the iPhone. Watchful fans have dug up this cringe worthy homage to MythBusters, a parody video from 2009 where Lynch attempts to get Flash working on the iPhone by pretending to blow up Apple's handset. He also ran over it with a steam roller and destroyed it in a blender. First day on the job should be fun, indeed! Jump pat the fold for more goodies...

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch to join Apple as VP of technology

Remember the name Kevin Lynch, because you're probably going to be hearing a lot more of it from now on. The former Adobe CTO, or Chief Technology Officer, will soon be taking an executive role at Apple.

Reports of the high-profile hiring started circling this afternoon, and the news has since been confirmed by both Apple and Adobe. Lynch will be joining Apple as VP of technology, reporting to Bob Mansfield...