John Gruber

Gruber: AirPods might launch in time for Christmas

An authorized Apple retailer claimed today that the upcoming W1-equipped BeatsX earphones may not release in another 2-3 months. But what about AirPods? Daring Fireball's John Gruber said loosely on the latest episode of The Talk Show that AirPods, the company's first Bluetooth earphones, may arrive in time for Christmas after all, albeit in very limited quantities. You're advised to take this speculative report with a grain of salt because the sources Gruber's learned this from are not very reliable, according to the man himself.

Is Jony Ive no longer directly involved with iPhone and Mac product design?

In an article Tuesday titled “Pundits Believe Apple's Jony Ive No Longer Involved in iPhone, Mac Product Design,” AppleInsider reports that journalist Jason Snell and Daring Fireball's John Gruber speculated on a recent The Talk Show podcast that Ive, who is Apple's Chief Design Officer, may be now more focused on architectural projects like the upcoming Spaceship campus and special initiatives such as Project Titan than industrial designs related to the iPhone, iPad, Mac and other consumer products from Apple.

Gruber: Optical Image Stabilization in the iPhone 6s Plus makes a big difference for video

It's one of those things where you don't know how noticeable it's going to be until you actually try it in hand. But tonight, we have it on good authority that Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) makes a noticeable difference when shooting video with the iPhone 6s Plus' camera. So much so, that it can make choosing between the 6s Plus and the regular-sized iPhone 6s, a device that lacks OIS, tougher than last year.

A few hours ago, Daring Fireball's John Gruber posted his annual iPhone review, and while the entire piece is a well-thought-out and nuanced read, one portion in particular stood out to me the most—his thoughts on OIS for the iPhone 6s Plus. 

Gruber: there’s only going to be one Apple event this fall

Popular Apple blogger John Gruber went with his gut on Tuesday, and reasoned that there would not be new a new iPad Pro revealed at today's Apple event. His reasoning, I thought, was totally logical: Apple had too many other big items on its plate to give the iPad Pro the proper stage time that it deserved.

After mingling with those in the know out in San Francisco, however, it appears that Gruber is now convinced that there will only be one Apple event for the remainder of the year.

Despite how little sense it makes, the iPad Pro, if it indeed exists, will be revealed in just a few hours from now.

Apple could announce its “wrist wearable thing” next month, says Gruber [updated]

Apple may unveil its so-called iWatch sooner than expected, according to Daring Fireball's John Gruber. In a new blog post this afternoon, the well-connected Apple pundit casually mentions that the Cupertino company plans to announce its "wrist wearable thing" next month.

Gruber's claim contradicts previous reports from various outlets, which have all suggested that the iWatch would land in October. But given his near perfect track record in predicting Apple plans, it's certainly possible that we could see more than bigger iPhones in September...

Gruber: there’s nothing punitive with Bob Mansfield’s role change

Yesterday, a jarring change was discovered on Apple's executive leadership page: the company's SVP of Technologies Bob Mansfield had been completely removed. Apple later confirmed the news, saying that Bob would no longer be on Apple's executive team.

And despite the fact that Apple said that he would stay on with the company to work on 'special projects,' the news was worrisome, as Mansfield has been crucial to Mac and iOS device success. But a new report claims there's "nothing punitive" about the role change...

Gruber predicts iPad mini will use the same display as iPhone 3GS

Weighing in on a recent resurgence of the old iPad mini rumor, this time corroborated by credible news outlets such as Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal, Apple pundit John Gruber opined that Apple could use existing manufacturing processes to quickly - and more importantly, cheaply - churn out millions and millions of seven-inch display panels for the iPad mini...

Gruber Confirms iPad 3 in Blog Rant?

It's no secret that I'm a bit skeptical about Apple releasing another tablet this year. Heck, the iPad 2 just came out 4 months ago and is still selling rather well. Why bring another slate into the mix so soon?

Regardless of my opinion, the entire tech world seems to believe that a new iPad will be unveiled this Fall. We've heard multiple media outlets confirm the tablet talk in the last few weeks, and now DaringFireball's John Gruber chimes in...

iOS 4.3 Coming Very Soon, In-App Subscriptions, Personal Hotspot, and the iPad 2

All signs have been pointing to Apple releasing iOS 4.3 in the very near future, with speculation that Apple's 4.3 announcement could even come next week. Most speculation is centering on an Apple announcement taking place within the next 10 days.

Besides an iOS 4.3 announcement, Apple is rumored to be announcing the iPad 2, the Verizon iPhone's "Personal Hotspot" feature on AT&T, and an official release of in-app subscriptions.

Whether or not all of the speculation is accurate, it's evident that Apple will be holding an event in the near future...