Jimmy Iovine

Streaming music has changed how we listen to music

Some new statistics from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) got me thinking about how streaming has utterly transformed the music business, and my own personal relationship with music. 80% of recorded music industry revenue now comes from streaming services, compared with 7% a decade ago. Streaming has reshaped the music industry, and it's also reshaped our personal relationship with music.

Jimmy Iovine said to be leaving Apple in August

Jimmy Iovine is leaving Apple later this year, according to a new report from Billboard. Citing sources familiar with the matter, the outlet claims the executive plans to leave the company in August, after the shares he acquired as part of the Beats acquisition fully vest.

iOS 11 to bring new video features to Apple Music, 10 original series planned this year

Bloomberg BusinessWeek today ran an extensive profile of Jimmy Iovine, 64, who runs Apple Music. In it, he reveals some of Apple's plans for the service, including new video-centric features coming to Apple Music as part of iOS 11. Iovine says Apple could release up to ten original series on Apple Music this year. Essentially, it boils down to turning Apple's music-streaming service into a one-stop shop for pop culture.

Jimmy Iovine: original TV series and movies part of Apple Music pop cultural experience

The Wall Street Journal thinks Apple wants to buy rights to original television shows and movies as another way of enticing users into choosing Apple Music over competitors like Spotify and Pandora. Monday, The Hollywood Reported published an interview with Apple executive Jimmy Iovine, who said that adding original video content to the music-streaming service is part of the plan to turn Apple Music into a pop cultural phenomenon.

Jimmy Iovine discusses Apple Music’s “hybrid” future in new Billboard interview

Billboard yesterday published a wide-ranging interview with Apple executive and music industry mogul Jimmy Iovine, who dropped hints of Apple Music's “hybrid” future. He also discussed the difference between the engineer culture in Silicon Valley and the creative culture in Hollywood and underscored the importance of technology in popular culture and other tidbits. Here are some choice quotes from that interview.

Apple Music execs talk artist exclusives and more in new interview

Apple Music executives Jimmy Iovine, Bozoma Saint John and DJ Zane Lowe recently sat down with BuzzFeed's Reggie Ugwu for a rather interesting interview regarding the streaming music service. The conversation covers everything from the controversy surrounding Apple's push for artist exclusives to their plans for the future, and we've listed our favorite experts below.

Jony Ive, Jimmy Iovine to speak at upcoming Vanity Fair event

Apple's chief of design Jony Ive and Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine are set to speak at an upcoming Vanity Fair event. The publication just announced that the pair will join a cornucopia of tech and entertainment luminaries at its New Establishment Summit in October.

Ive spoke at last year's VF New Establishment Summit, touching on a number of interesting topics such as his design process, relationship with Steve Jobs and thoughts on copycats. So we're anxious to see what he has to say when this year's event kicks off on October 5th.