Blocked is a new security tweak that lets you limit iPhone access

Jailbreakers Nikias Bassen (Pimskeks) and Melissa Archer have teamed up for a new security-oriented jailbreak tweak called Blocked. Released at WWJC 2015, Blocked brings two new operation modes to the iPhone for enhanced security.

The two modes, SleepMode and GuestMode, each work to block access to certain features. By using Activator gestures, users can quickly and stealthily enter either mode to beef up device security.

Watch our video walkthrough inside to see how to the tweak works.

Emblem brings OS X inspired notifications to the iPad

Today at WWJC, Joshua Tucker revealed a new tweak that he created in collaboration with fellow developer, Kyle Howells. The tweak — Emblem — is an iPad exclusive that brings OS X inspired notifications to iOS.

Emblem features smooth animations, and swipe to dismiss among other things. Take a look inside as we give you a sneak peak of Emblem via our video walkthrough...

Merge is a brilliant jailbreak tweak that combines messages by contact instead of by address

The idea of iMessage is great. It allows you to easily chat with friends and family across all iOS devices and Macs without incurring SMS fees from carriers.

Though iMessage is extremely convenient, it does have plenty of opportunities for improvement, which isn't surprising, considering it's only been out for a little over a year. But Apple has been steadily making improvements, for instance, the latest update to OS X, allows Mac users to sync iMessages sent and received from phone numbers.

Another major issue that iMessage runs into is organization. For example, if you're chatting with a friend that has three separate iMessage ID's, each chat started with each individual ID will result in a new iMessage thread for that contact. That's a total of three threads, just to talk to a single contact. This, obviously, can become extremely disconcerting when trying to carry on a conversation. Wouldn't it be nice if you could easily combine messages by contact, instead of iMessage ID?

That's the exact premise behind Merge — a new jailbreak tweak from developers Joshua Tucker, and Andrew Richardson. Take a look inside as we explain how Merge works...

Inside JailbreakCon’s massive 13,500 square foot venue

As most of you know, JailbreakCon, the world's largest jailbreak conference, will be taking place in the USA later this year. Hackers, developers and enthusiasts will all gather in San Francisco on September 29th to talk about, what else, jailbreaking.

And for those of you that are under the impression that this is going to be just a tiny get-together, think again. The WWJC (WorldWide Jailbreak Convention) crew just posted a video of a tour inside the convention's massive 13,500 square foot venue...

Watch JailbreakCon, Formerly MyGreatFest, Online

JailbreakCon, formerly known as MyGreatFest, was the world's first jailbreak convention held in London this past weekend. Speakers like saurik and members of the Chronic Dev Team spoke on the state of jailbreaking, and other prominent developers from the community shared insights into different aspects of the jailbreak world.

We gave you coverage of what you missed at the last JailbreakCon, but many of you have wanted to watch videos of the presentations. Good news: the video of the entire event has been posted online...