iTunes Gift Card

Apple launches new ‘iTunes Pass’ service in Japan for refilling iTunes credit

Apple has launched a new service in Japan called iTunes Pass. The program is actually quite interesting, as it appears to allow customers to purchase iTunes Store credit from an Apple retail store, using Passbook instead of physical gift cards.

Users have long been able to store gift cards in Passbook, but we've never seen a direct-to-Passbook service like this, without the need to redeem a code. It almost looks like this could be a prequel to Apple's oft-rumored mobile payment system...

Apple’s Back to School launches with free $100 store credit on Mac purchases

As predicted, Apple on Tuesday launched the 2015 Back to School promotion in the United States and in several countries around the globe, depending on their respective educational calendars.

Somewhat similar to last year's Back to School promotion, Apple this year is providing students with a $100 Gift card with the purchase of any new Mac model.

Students who opt for an iPhone or iPad will be treated to a free $50 Apple Store gift card. However, this is the first time that Apple's Back to School promotion is offering gift cards, redeemable against any Apple Store item purchase...

Today only: PayPal offering $10 iTunes Gift card for $5

Last December, PayPal started selling iTunes gift cards and other digital vouchers through its new Digital Gifts Store.

It's perhaps the most convenient and hassle-free option to quickly top up your iTunes credit via PayPal, provided you're in the United States.

The problem is, every now and then other retailers discount iTunes vouchers.

Typically, 20 percent off is the best deal you can find and 30 percent or more off is pretty rare, but we've never seen a discount of 50 percent or more on iTunes Gift cards.

Good today only and while supplies last, PayPal is now offering a $10 iTunes Gift card for just five bucks...

Apple Stores reportedly treating Apple TV buyers to $25 iTunes Gift Cards

Fueling rumors of a potential Apple TV hardware refresh next month, Apple has apparently instructed its retail employees to start treating Apple TV buyers to $25 iTunes Gift Cards, basically bringing the price of the $99 media-streaming box down to $74.

Of course, you're still paying the full price for the Apple TV hardware, Apple is just throwing in a $25 iTunes Gift Card with every new purchase. The credit can be redeemed against any content purchase in the company's many online stores.

So in a nutshell, you're getting a $25 iTunes credit for apps, books, movies, music and more, free of charge. The offer is valid through March 5, 2014...

Starbucks now lets you use your iPhone’s camera to redeem Pick of the Week cards

Starbucks, a Seattle-based global coffee company and coffeehouse chain and Apple's longtime marketing partner, started offering 'Pick of the Week' promotion via its recently Passbook-enabled App Store app back in 2011. The tie-in allows Starbucks customers to download paid iOS applications for free as they sip on their beverage of choice.

The company has now upgraded its backend system to allow folks to scan these redemption codes using their iPhone's iSight camera, a feature Apple added to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices as part of its iOS 7 software release in September 2013...

Get a $100 iTunes gift card for only $85

Best Buy is having a pretty good deal on App Store and iTunes gift cards at the moment. They're offering a $100 gift card for only $85, essentially giving you 15% off your iTunes purchases.

As far as discounts on apps, music, movies and books from iTunes go, this is pretty much as good as it gets. iTunes gift cards can be used to purchase anything from iTunes, including books, songs, apps, etc... In short, an iTunes gift card isn't limited to music but let's you purchase anything from iTunes, the App Store, and the Mac App Store...

You can now buy iTunes vouchers through PayPal

The online payment giant PayPal today announced an interesting new service which allows U.S. PayPal account holders to buy Apple's iTunes Gift Cards or gift them to loved ones.

This is especially useful if you live outside the United States yet have a U.S. iTunes Store account for instant access to all of the best apps, movies, TV shows and other content that's often unavailable in local iTunes Stores due to regional restrictions.

Previously, you had to wire cash to someone in the United States who's willing enough to buy an iTunes Gift Cards from the Online Apple Store or directly from the iTunes Store, on your behalf...

Get a free app and the chance to win one of three $100 iTunes gift cards

If there is one thing we love at iDB is to reward our readers with some awesome giveaways. We run those on a regular basis, and from time to time, we have one big giveaway that is sure to go down in iDB history. Today, we are announcing one of these.

We partnered with our friends at Big Fish Games to not only give you a free copy of their hit game Fairway Solitaire, but we also give you a chance to win one of three $100 iTunes gift card...

New in iOS 7: redeem iTunes cards with your iPhone’s iSight camera

Last November's release of iTunes 11 has brought out a handy new feature which lets you redeem a code found on iTunes Gift Cards by scanning the printed card with your Mac's FaceTime camera. In iOS 7, Apple is taking iTunes card scanning to any compatible iOS device outfitted with a back camera.

Not only that, Apple states that new iOS 7 APIs for developers include barcode scanning as standard...

Tip: turn your coinage into iTunes credits with Coinstar vending machines

The popular coin-counting service, Coinstar, is great for people who just want to get rid of their spare change in return for a cash back minus a small fee.

The company operates vending machines at supermarkets such as Walmart where people frequent for shopping.

What you may not have known, although Coinstar has been doing this for several years now, is that its machines can take your loose coins and spill out a receipt with an iTunes redemption code that you can use to refill your iTunes balance...

Best Buy (again) has $100 iTunes gift card for $80

Retailer Best Buy is known for discounting iTunes Gift Cards from time to time, with their last offering dating back to December 2012. Today, it started selling the $100 iTunes gift card for $80, a cool twenty percent discount. Lower-denominated iTunes Cards still go for their usual prices so this promotion only applies if you're willing to add a hundred bucks worth of iTunes credits for $80 and save $20 doing so. You can order the card at one of Best Buy's outlets, place an order via Best Buy's web store or have it delivered directly to your home...

Apple releases OS X 10.8.3

Just a few moments ago, Apple released an update to Mountain Lion — OS X 10.8.3. The update, which has been in beta since December of 2012, brings quite a few new changes into the fold.

The main people that will be happy with this update are Boot Camp users. First of all, Windows 8 is now supported with Boot Camp, which is obviously a big deal for those of you who dual boot your Macs. Secondly, Boot Camp now supports Macs with a 3TB drive. Check inside for more details on the release...