iPhone X

HuddyX is a new notch-centric volume HUD for iPhones

Jailbreakers rejoice; iOS developer maximehip has released a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed HuddyX that revamps the volume HUD on notched handsets such as the iPhone X, XR, XS, and XS Max to make it much less intrusive.

In the screenshot example above, you can discern how HuddyX materializes as a black extension from the notch itself, appearing at the top of the display with a live volume indicator inside of it.

Review: the official Tesla case for iPhone X/XS

Tesla Motors has a nice side business selling accessories like apparel, chargers, travel bags, gloves, purses and—why not?—iPhone cases. They have a range of cases for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and iPhone XS, and today we're going hands-on with their iPhone X/XS case.

How Apple could make the notch less notchy

Samsung’s Galaxy A8s arrived with a hole-punch display and the upcoming Galaxy S10 should reduce the chins by putting the camera and the sensor array into a small circular cutout in the display. Apple, meanwhile, is rumored to make the notch on 2019 iPhones a bit smaller.

Hide the Control Center grabber from the iPhone X’s Lock screen with NoCCBar

If you have any of Apple’s latest handsets with rounded-corner displays, such as the iPhone X, XS/XS Max, or XR then chances are you’re familiar with the tiny Control Center grabber that appears at the top-right corner of the Lock screen, as depicted above.

For whatever reason, this grabber doesn’t appear anywhere else in iOS besides the Lock screen; yet you can invoke Control Center from anywhere by swiping down from the top-right corner of the display.

AutoUnlockX augments the Face ID unlocking experience on jailbroken handsets

If you have an iPhone X or any of Apple’s newer Face ID-enabled iPhones, then you’re undoubtedly familiar with the two-step process required to unlock your handset.

Right out of the box, iOS requires you to swipe up from the bottom of the Lock screen after Face ID recognizes you; but wouldn’t it be nice if your handset unlocked itself automatically? If you’re onboard with this idea, then you should seriously consider checking out a free jailbreak tweak dubbed AutoUnlockX by iOS developer SparkDev.

XEdgeProtect prevents the iPhone X’s Home Bar from conflicting with apps and jailbreak tweaks

Starting with last year’s iPhone X, Apple nixed the Home Button from its entire lineup of smartphones and replaced it with the software-based Home Bar. The Home Bar resides at the bottom of your display, quietly waiting for upward swipe gestures for unlocking the handset or closing foregrounded apps.

The Home Bar compliments the iOS experience like bread and butter, and it also empowered Apple to achieve the signature edge-to-edge OLED display that many of us know and love, but it’s not without its quirks. Fortunately, a new free jailbreak tweak called XEdgeProtect by iOS developer smokin1337 addresses some of these issues.