iPhone 6s

How to install a glowing Apple logo on iPhone 6s

An iconic image, the glowing Apple logo adorns store locations and flagship MacBook devices. It is the quickest way to spot an Apple device in the wild. However, Apple refuses to provide the same iconic design on iPhones and iPads. To resolve this conundrum, that meant taking matters into my own hands.

For years, I wanted an iPhone with a glowing logo. All the way back to iPhone 4, it has been possible to mod your device with a small LED. However, with iPhone 6, @theunlockr is offering a simple all-in-one DIY kit, helping transform your device in about 30-60 minutes. Take a step inside to see my personal handy work and a great tutorial video to ease your nerves.

Top 3D Touch shortcuts and gestures available for the App Store and iTunes Store apps

The App Store and iTunes Store storefronts are 3D Touch-enabled on the¬†iPhone 6s and¬†iPhone 6s Plus, with each¬†supporting some pretty¬†smartly chosen Home screen shortcuts that’ll save you a few taps once you get the hang of them.

On the other hand, previewing your apps and media via¬†force-pressing isn’t as developed as in¬†other stock apps, such as Messages and Maps. But don’t you worry‚ÄĒiDownloadBlog comes to the rescue!

This¬†quick tutorial clearly demonstrates¬†where¬†on the¬†App Store and iTunes Store common¬†3D Touch shortcuts and Peek and Pop gestures¬†do and don’t work.

Drawing with pressure and other 3D Touch tips and tricks for Notes

With 3D Touch shortcuts and gestures available for¬†iOS’s stock Notes application, you can elevate your productivity and accomplish certain tasks faster¬†and with¬†fewer taps than without 3D Touch.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus owners can take advantage of their device’s pressure-sensitive screen to quickly start a new note from the Home screen, preview a specific note‚Äôs content, sketch using pressure-sensitive drawing tools, quickly delete, share and copy notes and more.

Imbued with the information in this tutorial, you’ll¬†take full advantage of 3D Touch interactions that are available to you in Notes so that you can be more productive.

3D Touch tips and tricks for the stock Videos app

In this day and age of YouTube streaming and on-demand video, the stock Videos app feels a little outdated and way too limited in terms of features though it gets the job done.

With the Videos app, you can watch movies, televisions shows and music videos that you bought or rented from the iTunes Store, as well as enjoy your personal clips synchronized from iTunes on your computer.

On the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, using the Videos app is a little more engaging thanks to 3D Touch. In this tutorial, we’ll let you in on¬†3D Touch shortcuts and gestures that are available ¬†in the Videos app.

Glimpse what’s coming up next on your schedule with 3D Touch in Calendar

In addition to Reminders, Calendar is another stock app on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad designed to help users organize their daily, weekly and yearly schedule and be more productive.

With 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, it’s easier to¬†accomplish things¬†with fewer taps.

Though not as developed as in other stock apps, Calendar’s 3D Touch implementation permits¬†you to add an event from the Home screen and glimpse what’s coming up next on your schedule. In this tutorial, you will learn about 3D Touch shortcuts and Peek and Pop gestures in iOS 9’s Calendar app on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

The best 3D Touch gestures in Music app

The stock Music app in iOS 10 supports 3D Touch Peek and Pop gestures within the app and various Quick Actions on the Home screen.

With 3D Touch, the Music app speeds up common user actions, from tuning in to Beats 1 radio to running a search on your music, previewing the contents of albums and playlists, adding For You playlists (for those who are subscribed to Apple Music) and more.

With 3D Touch, owners of the iPhone 7¬†and iPhone 7¬†Plus will have an easier time navigating the Music app’s somewhat overwhelming interface while¬†discovering they can accomplish¬†more with fewer taps.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use 3D Touch in the Music app like a pro.

3D Touch shortcuts for the Camera app

3D Touch lets you take a selfie or start shooting video from the Home screen, review the photos you‚Äôve taken without leaving the Camera app, play Live Photos with a press and more.¬†In this tutorial, we’ll take you through every 3D Touch feature that’s available to iPhone photography fans in¬†the Camera app.