iPad Air 2

Zagg Folio backlit keyboard case will turn your iPad Air 2 into a laptop

Apple may have finally designed a keyboard case, but it currently only fits the iPad Pro. Don't worry. There are plenty of stylish keyboard cases that will make your iPad Air 2 work for you.

Zagg's Folio case has a backlit keyboard and a durable cover to secure your device. Thanks to its hinge design, you can position our iPad Air 2 in a variety of viewing positions.

iPad mini 4 has iPhone 6-class display tech with record-low reflectance for improved readability

A thorough analysis of a much improved screen utilized on Apple's fourth-generation iPad mini conducted by DisplayMate has determined that the tablet's display technology is comparable to the iPad Air 2, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The long story short, its screen has richer colors and better color accuracy with a 36 percent better reflectance versus the iPad Air 2 for improved readability.

SumacLife Waterproof Pouch keeps your iPad Air 2 dry

If you are a fan of watersports, but also a fan of keeping your iPad Air 2 from being destroyed while you Jet Ski across the lake, chances are you compromise and leave your tablet at home. But, you can have it all.

With SumacLife's Waterproof Pouch, your iPad Air will stay dry and free from dust. Plus, it is designed to keep your device afloat. So, if you drop it in the lake on accident, it won't be swimming with the fishes before you can go back for it.

Secure your iPad Air 2 with the Urban Armor Gear folio case

How many times have you dropped your iPad in its lifetime? How many times have you breathed a sigh of relief when you realized that no serious damage was done, only to be slightly disappointed to see that small dent in the corner?

If you are looking for some serious protection for your iPad Air 2, but don't want the massive bulk of some rugged cases, check out the sturdy, but lightweight Urban Armor Gear folio case.

Snugg iPad Air 2 smart folio is a businessman’s case

The iPad Air 2 is about the size of a pad of lined paper, so it is no wonder that a folio case looks so good on it. If you are looking for more than just a cover with a stand, Snugg makes an executive smart folio that has all of the bells and whistles you'd want in your case. Plus, with the leather exterior, you'll look like a boss at all of your business meetings.

Take your iPad Air 2 on extreme outings with the Unicorn Beetle PRO case

If you are an outdoor traveler, sports enthusiast, or just like to roughhouse with your iPad Air 2, you should probably give it a fighting chance with a rugged case to protect it from the inevitable drops, scrapes, and dirt.

The Unicorn Beetle Pro is a durable dual-layer case with a built in screen protector and shock-absorbing bumper to ensure that your iPad Air 2 is as safe as can be on those crazy adventures.

Yoobao’s Executive Smart Cover for iPad Air 2 has an elegant look

When stepping out with your iPad Air 2, you may want to go natural and show off the beautiful design that Apple is known for. Or, you may want to protect your investment while still keeping a classy look.

Yoobao makes a genuine leather Executive Smart Cover for the iPad Air 2 that protects and looks good. Its thin design and soft leather look will make you feel like a CEO, even if you are a barista.

Rumor: Apple’s next iPad mini will be shrunken version of iPad Air 2

Japanese blog Macotakara is reporting that Apple's next-generation iPad mini will be actually a shrunken iPad Air 2. According to the report which is rather short on details, the yet-to-be-announced fourth-generation iPad mini should adopt some of the hallmarks of the second-generation iPad Air hardware such as its slim design, 8MP iSight camera and more.

The 20 best iPad jailbreak tweaks for iOS 8.4

It’s been a very long time since I made a post about jailbreak tweaks on the iPad, and as such, this post was long overdue. Although it’s nowhere near as popular as iPhone jailbreaking, iPad jailbreaks still have tons of perks. And while many of the same great jailbreak tweaks work well on the iPad, there are a few iPad exclusive or iPad-centric tweaks thrown into the mix to keep things spicy.

Want one of the best iPad experiences you can get? Then check out this video of the 20 best iPad jailbreak tweaks for iOS 8.4.

Logitech Type+ for iPad Air 2 is a protective case with an integrated keyboard

Until Apple designs a physical keyboard for its tablet line, we will be subject to connecting via third-party cases. Finding one that fits both form and function can be difficult considering how many are on the market today.

Logitech is tops when it comes to cases for the iPad Air 2 and the Type+ is both classy and functional. You can protect your tablet with style and use it for robust typing activities.

iOS 9 reinvigorates iPad power users

WWDC 2015 was filled with shock and awe, at least for me, a former iPad user. In the past, I've tried my best to use my iPad for productivity, namely writing blog posts and the like. While this can be achieved with relative success, the iPad as we currently know it still lacks from a productivity standpoint.

The iPad that we know today doesn't have the ability to truly multitask—i.e. run two apps at the same exact time, and interface with those two apps at the same exact time. Although some prominent bloggers, most notably Mac Stories' Frederico Viticci, are able to aptly make due with this limitation, it's always been something that's pushed me back to my MacBook.

No matter how hard I've tried, and trust me, I've tried dozens of times, I always end up abandoning my plans of creating an iPad workflow that genuinely works for me. With WWDC 2015, and the release of iOS 9, I finally feel like we're on the precipice of something great.

The iPad Air 2, in particular, heavily benefits from iOS 9, but all iPads will benefit in a major way. Here are 6 outstanding new productivity features that promise to supercharge the workflow of those of you who use the iPad as a work machine.

Turn your iPad Air 2 into a mini laptop with Belkin QODE

If you prefer the lightweight feel of the iPad Air 2, but wish you could type like you were using your MacBook Air, the best thing you could do for yourself is invest in a good quality keyboard case. Not all cases are alike. A smooth, comfortable typing experience is very important when you need to stay productive.

Belkin’s QODE Ultimate Pro is a fully loaded keyboard case for the iPad Air 2. The hard shell provides protection for your device, while the keyboard design provides a laptop typing experience.